Auto repair service "brings the shop to your car"

Posted at 3:54 PM, Apr 26, 2021

STEM Automotive is a mobile auto repair company, started by Matthew Goehle. Because the service is mobile, you can get your car fixed right in your driveway.

"We come to the car and fix it wherever it's at. Go throughout Erie County, basically all over Western New York - wherever the cars are broken and fix them there," said Goehle.

The car he worked on Monday morning was in Buffalo, and in need of an AC repair.

"A lot of times when you take your car to a mechanic, your car will sit, you have to wait and all of that. And see even right now he's concentrating just on my car," said Willie Tidwell.

Tidwell said he values the one-on-one treatment he gets. He owns a medical transportation company, so having his cars in top shape is critical.

"His work, his quality, he's very professional, you know what I mean? And he didn't pay me to say all of this. But this is really a lot of fun, and then he educates me just the one-on-one, you can learn some stuff," he said.

Goehle started the company in 2017. He said it got busier when the pandemic hit, so hired two people and is looking to hire a mechanic.

Some of the services he offers are basic maintenance and oil changes, engine diagnostics and brake and tire repairs.