100 percent, gluten-free bakery in Lockport plans to expand

Posted at 4:52 PM, Apr 20, 2021

Kith and Kin Bakeshop and Bistro opened in December of 2012. Lisa Krull-Jermyn and her husband, Tim Jermyn, decided to start the business after her children were diagnosed with Celiac disease.

"We struggled trying to find food that tasted good and was gluten free, and reasonably priced. So we just started doing stuff at home, I already loved baking so it wasn't a huge issue and Tim went to school to be a chef," said Krull-Jermyn.

It was the perfect mix to create the business.

The bake shop and bistro specifically caters to people living with Celiac disease, so every single item on the menu is 100 percent gluten-free.

"Eleven to 12 different kinds of cookies, and six or seven different kinds of muffins we offer every day. We have danish and pastry hearts and cupcakes, we do specialty cakes," said Krull-Jermyn.

That's not even the entire menu, and that's just the bakery side of this gluten-free bistro.

"They can share it off of each others plates if they wanted to yeah. Because it's all gluten free and they don't have to worry about cross-contamination," said Krull-Jermyn.

And now, in the midst of the pandemic, they're looking to expand - and they've added more staff.

"We have seen a steady increase as more people get to know about us through word of mouth and advertising, and business has just grown exponentially," said Jermyn.

Their expansion allows them to serve more items to more people. When construction is done in the summer - on the parcel of land right next to them, they'll have an event space for up to 50 people - and it includes outdoor seating.

Just last week, they were approved for a beer, wine and hard cider license. Those will also be gluten free.