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Trump Could Ask Congress, Not Mexico, To Pay For His Wall Project

Donald Trump could ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for his wall project at the southern border.

According to CNN, the president-elect's transition team told Republican congressional leaders that he wants to fund it through the appropriations process as early as April.

Several reports say Trump transition representatives have told GOP lawmakers that they want to use a 2006 Bush-era law that would let Congress use tax dollars to pay for Trump's plan.

Because Congress would have nowhere near the cash needed to fund it, Trump officials said they'd like to get that money by folding the wall project into a must-pass spending bill.

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But that move would break one of Trump's signature campaign pledges.

"We're going to have a real wall, and who's going to pay for that wall?" Trump asked.

"Mexico!" the crowd replied.

But if taxpayers do end up footing all or part of the bill, Trump has said many times he wants Mexico pick up the tab at a later date.

Experts say the project could cost tens of billions of dollars to build and that that price tag doesn't include other expenses, such as maintenance and border-control agents.

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