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Germany Is Probably Going To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage Really Soon

Germany might be changing its tune on same-sex marriage.

The land of bratwurst and beer is one of the few western countries that doesn't allow same-sex marriage — instead, same-sex couples can enter civil partnerships.

But a recent comment by Chancellor Angela Merkel indicates views could be shifting. In an interview, she said the German parliament should have a conscience vote on same-sex marriage. 

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That basically means members of parliament should vote according to their personal beliefs and not feel pressured to vote along party lines.

And Merkel's party hasn't been too keen on the idea of same-sex marriage in the past. The party has long advocated for "family values," and Merkel herself has opposed giving adoption rights to same-sex couples before.

A majority of Germans are in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage and have been for a while. Some have criticized Merkel's recent move as a political ploy, saying it has "nothing to do with values."

Still, Germany's minority ruling party, the Social Democrats, are pushing for a vote to happen sometime this week.

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