WNY Muslims organization stands by Lackawanna community after terror scare

LACKAWANNA, N.Y. (WKBW) - The Western New York Muslims organization says it's standing by the community of Lackawanna after the suspected terrorist scare rattled the area.

In a statement sent to 7 Eyewitness News, the organization said:

"WNYMuslims.org stands by and urges support for Lackawanna Community in wake of the recent arrest of Arafat Nagi. At WNYMuslims.org we support the vigilance of the community and the efforts of the law enforcement agencies in countering radicalization across Western New York. The arrest of one man shall not be used to reflect the views and actions. We’d like to emphasize the due process of law for the sake of justice and we believe that all individuals should be given their constitutional rights and opportunity to legally defend themselves.

"The recruitment efforts of radicalized groups are no different than the drug pushers or violent gangs enticing young people in our society. Like other communities, the Lackawanna Muslim community has worked diligently in fighting back against radicalization and criminal activities.

"WNYMuslims has many avenues available for the community to come out and share their perspective on things. We encourage young people to use creative media to further conversations and discourse for cultural integration. WNYMuslims hosts community events called “Studio Kalam” which are a non-judgmental safe place to express and voice concerns about issues relevant to our daily lives and beyond.

"For more information on WNY Muslims position on such matters please call 716-923-4386 or visit our website www.wnymuslims.org."

Suspected terrorist Arafat Nagi was arrested Wednesday and charged by the FBI. He's accused of supporting and trying to join the terrorist group ISIS.




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