Spectrum TV customers: "Why won't my Roku work?"

Posted: 3:55 PM, May 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-09 19:11:09Z

The switch over to 100% digital cable television continues in Buffalo - but some Spectrum customers are discovering that their digital devices, like Roku's, Xbox's and smart TV's, will not work with the Spectrum App that is required to view TV channels.

It is a problem affecting Spectrum TV customers who get their internet from other providers such as Verizon.

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A company spokesperson confirmed to 7 Eyewitness News that Spectrum TV customers need to also have Spectrum internet is order to view channels through their digital equipment like Roku and smart TV's.

The other option for people facing this problem is to rent a digital receiver from Spectrum.  Most Spectrum customers are eligible for a free digital receiver for one year.  Beyond that period, the cost is $6.99/month if on a Spectrum package, or $11.75/month if on a legacy Time Warner Cable package.


We contacted Charter Communications (Spectrum) to get an update on the switch over to all-digital TV and received the following responses

-How is the switch over going?
Spectrum’s transition to all-digital is going smoothly. As you know, we’ve already completed the transition across the rest of NY and are in the process of upgrading Buffalo. Customers are beginning to enjoy the benefits of a 100 percent digital network, including even better picture quality, access to more content, and two-way interactivity enabled by Spectrum digital receivers.
-What are the big questions you are hearing from customers at this point?  What advice can you provide?
Most customers already have at least one piece of digital equipment in their homes, so for most this is about connecting a secondary TV. Customers have told us self-installing their boxes is easier than they expected.
Customers are also asking when we will be launching even faster internet speeds. Upgrading to all-digital is an important step to enabling even faster speeds, including gigabit connections. We recently launched Spectrum Internet Gig speeds to residential customers for customers in other upstate NY areas that went all-digital earlier this spring. While we haven’t announced a date, we expect to launch gig speeds in Buffalo in the coming months.
-Some Spectrum TV customers with other internet services (like Verizon DSL) are telling us they cannot get the Spectrum app to work through their digital devices like ROKU or XBOX.  What can people do to fix this problem?
Spectrum Internet service is required to use the app on those devices, on a TV.
-Any other important tips that you think would be good for people to know?
A big question we get is, how do I know if I need a digital receiver? Rule of thumb: If you connect your TV directly to the cable outlet on the wall, you need a Spectrum digital receiver. Customers should get one before their scheduled cutover date so they don’t miss any of their favorite programming. Customers can obtain digital receivers through free direct shipment to their home by visiting  or calling 1-844-278-3408 to request a self-installation kit. Customers can also pick up equipment at a nearby Spectrum store.




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