Huge voter turnout expected for 2018 election

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - As of Monday, the Erie County Board of Elections is reporting an increase in absentee ballots over the last midterm election. 

According to the BOE, early voting hit around 22,000, as compared to 11,000 in 2014. That is also just a few thousand short of the 26,000 in the 2016 Presidential election. 

"I've been a commissioner for 25 years, this seems to be one of the more heightened elections" Republican Erie County BOE Commissioner Ralph Mohr said. 

In addition to more voters, the BOE is prepared for the Department of Justice as they have announced they will be monitoring Erie County polling locations to make sure that voter accessibility is maintained. 

In the Democratic Primary, a few Erie County polling locations ran out of ballots. According to Republican Erie County BOE Commissioner Jeremy Zellner, this will not happen during the midterm. 

"We're going to be on top of the ballot situation to make sure that everyone gets what they need from us" Zellner said. 

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