On the Road: East Amherst's Aura Salt Cave and Wellness

Posted: 11:53 AM, Sep 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-20 16:15:36Z

Western New Yorkers have found healing and relaxation in a man-made cave filled with 22,000 pounds of salt.

Owner of Aura Salt Cave and Wellness, Kelly Deberg, says she was skeptical of the effects salt could have until she tried it for herself in Canada. Now she and her wife Tadgi run the wellness center, providing hand and foot detoxes and infrared sauna sessions, aromatherapy and a gift shop.

Salt mines have been used in Europe for decades as a form of holistic healing. Some say the salty environment helps relieve respiratory issues like COPD or asthma. It's been said to help with skin issues as well, like psoraisis or eczema. 

Pink food-grade salt is four to six inches deep on the floor of the salt cave, the walls are lined with blocks imported from Poland and soft amber light from salt lamps fill the room. It's temperature and humidity controlled. Clients can grab a microfiber blanket and recline in a zero-gravity chair as a halogenerator pumps salt particles into the air. 

Deberg says the response 15 months after they've opened has been so positive, they're expanding into the space next door. They'll add four or five more rooms, another salt cave, chakra balancing, massage and reflexology, among many other holistic approaches to healing as well.

45 minute sessions are $30 per person. You can buy packages to decrease the price if you're a repeat visitor. 

To find more information, check Aura Salt Cave and Wellness's website .

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