New life for the Buffalo Central Terminal?

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - After the last train left the Buffalo Central Terminal in 1979, the building slowly fell into disrepair. Aside from tours and limited community events, the terminal has sat vacant for more than 20 years.

Now, the non-profit that owns the building is looking for new ideas so the terminal can join in Buffalo's Renaissance.

"This is Buffalo's landmark," said Paul Lang, Chairman of the Central Terminal Restoration. "Everyone has some connection with it."

The request for proposal outlines the conditions of the building, the relationship the corporation would like to have with a future development partner, and outlines some of the incentives or funding streams that would be available to a partner.

The idea is to restore the historic building to its grandeur, but also urbanize planning by creating a mixed-use facility.

Those on the board say they see the terminal turning to a space for offices, shops and even residential properties.

Officials also want to keep the main floor open to the community, so the corporation can continue to host its tours and events.

"Some of the estimates to bring it back to its grandeur is somewhere between $60-$70 million," said Lang. "It is a sizable chunk of change but you're working on 523,000-square feet, and it's not going to one private entity or funding stream."

Lang says he's received a lot of interest so far.

Proposals are due by the middle of March.

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