Larkin links nano golf course opening Wednesday

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - They say you drive for show and putt for dough.

Well, if you're heading out to the Larkin Links Nano golf course, which opens Wednesday, you won't have to worry about controlling that banana slice off the tee.

The nine-hole mini golf course (along with two bonus holes) is the newest addition to Larkinville and the newest piece of public art in the Queen City.

Each hole is designed by a local artist. Here's a look at each hole and their designer:

  1. Welcome to Mini Larkinville, Grace Munschauer & John Zora Deronde Doors and Frames, ATECH SEH Metal Fabricator
  2. The Foundry, Sarah Fonzi, Megan McNally, Bertholt Schroeder and Tim Genco
  3. HO OATS, White Bicycle
  4. Radial Street Plan, White Bicycle
  5. A Pair of Icons: 18th Hole at Pebble Beach + Larkinville, Garrett Brown
  6. Bonus. Holeski, MIke O., Harry Zemsky, James Moffitt
  7. Larkin Soap, White Bicycle
  8. Behind the “8”, Nicholas Schueler, Evan Stewart, Jason Penzes
  9. Half-pipe, Harry Zemsky, Keuka Specialty Woodworking
  10. Ladder 5 | Engine 32, Buffalo/Larkinville Firefighters


If you plan on heading it out and putting your short game to the test It won't cost you any dough: it's free to the public. The course will be open from dawn to dusk Wednesday, June 17 until September 16 and is located at 763 Seneca Street in Buffalo.

Putters, pencils and scorecards are available in a white mailbox on site. When the red flag of the mailbox is up the course is open to play. Those from Larkin ask that once you're done playing you return putters and balls so others can test their short game.





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