Light show illuminates grain silos at Canalside

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - The outer harbor's grain elevators are part of a new public art project near Canalside.

Ambiances Design Production from Montreal has been working with the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation for nearly three years constructing a light display on the elevators.

“The grain elevators are iconic. We thought what a great opportunity to illuminate them and use them,” President of Empire State Development Sam Hoyt said.

There's no structural change to the historic gem.

“The idea is to not change the grain elevator but we did have to put new infrastructure on it and that is what has been going on the past year,” President of Foit Albert Associates Gregory Carballada said.

LED energy saving lights have been placed on fixtures on the elevators. Videos and lasers aren't used.

“There are going to be four different light schemes that will go one after another and people can walk by and stare at it for a few minutes,” Martin Gagnon with Ambiances Design Production said.

The official launch is in November and will be on display after dark until midnight each night. The lights are currently undergoing tests to prepare for the public unveiling.




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