Family warns of heroin dangers after daughter's death

FREDONIA, N.Y. (WKBW) - Christin Tibbetts family tells 7 Eyewitness News they did everything they could to get the daughter the help she needed, after she became addicted to heroin more than two years ago.

"We could love her all we wanted, and we did," said Christin's father Kevin Tibbetts. "We couldn't help her in that way. We're not professionals."

Christin died Friday after injecting a "bad batch" of heroin. Her family says she had just been released from jail where she had been forced to detox. She was serving time for drug obsession charges.

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The Tibbetts family believes the addiction was too powerful. When she got home, she immediately felt the urge to use.

"We called the cops, we called the jail," said Kevin. "We pleaded with them to not have her released because we knew she could go back to her old habits."

The problem they say is that there is no rehabilitation center that treats patients after they are released from jail. They say no matter what they did, they couldn't help her overcome the urge, and each rehab center they tried was out of room with a long wait line.

"I made personal calls, also her stepfather, and tried to get her into a rehab. I'm hurt because we made those calls, we tried. Each rehab center we tried was always out of room," said Kevin.

Her family says Christin wanted to get clean, but heroin is so dangerous and highly addictive that she was unable to fight the urge.

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"We've been facing this problem for the last couple years and with no success we lost our daughter," said Andy Campaign, Christin's stepfather.

In the coming months, the family plans to attend drug forums, raising awareness and alerting other parents to the dangers of heroin.

Tibbetts leaves behind a long list of family and a 5-year-old daughter. A college education fund has been set up in her daughter's name, Londyn Wilmot at the Inner Lakes FCU.

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