Credit, debit card breach at Holiday Valley Resort

ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. (AP/WKBW) - Visitors to a western New York ski resort are being urged to watch their credit card statements after the discovery of a data breach.

Officials at Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottville are calling it a "criminal attack" that lasted from Oct. 17 to June 2 and affected credit card and debit card purchases of food, recreation, retail and lodging.

Holiday Valley has setup a question and answer page at their website

The resort says it will offer a year of credit repair services to card holders whose credit was harmed.

Officials say they notified the Secret Service of the breach when they discovered it last week and hired cyber security experts to contain it and protect against future attacks.

"You know in the grand scheme of things we are not that big so you wouldn't think that someone would take the time and the effort to perpetrate something like this against us," said Richard Sandler, General Manager of the Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley Resort.

"Holiday Valley, Walmart, Dairy Queen, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen," said John Rowan who lives nearby.

Administrators were first notified something was wrong by a bank sometime in May, which set off the investigation. The resort says at least 60 people were affected.

Criminals gained access to credit and debit card numbers, customer names, expiration dates and the three-digit

CVV security number located on the back of most cards.

Pin numbers were not compromised.

The resort says somehow hackers attached malicious software to the company's cashier systems. 

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