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Michelle McLeod



Michelle McLeod is a meteorologist at WKBW in Buffalo, NY. Michelle joined 7 Eyewitness News in March 2019.

Michelle come to us from Watertown NY. She was born and raised in Central NY and received her B.S. in meteorologist from SUNY Oswego, so she's no stranger to lake effect.

Michelle didn't originally have her sights set on weather. She was a residence counselor at a drug rehab. When she attended school for accounting, she took a meteorology course and that is where she fell in love! Michelle went on to build her resume to become research meteorologist by doing internships at places such as UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Lab. But it was her class in broadcast meteorology at Oswego that put her on the path that she is now.

Michelle is passionate about weather and her job! She enjoys connecting with viewers, teaching people about science and weather, and chasing storms.

When Michelle isn't doing her first love of weather, she is running, hiking, dancing, cooking, baking, listening to live music, and a whole myriad of things. There's not a whole lot Michelle doesn't like!


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