Introducing Hiring 716
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hiring716?

WKBW is committed to helping build a more inclusive and robust engine for employment opportunity in Western New York with a skilled workforce that will strengthen the region’s economic resurgence.

But isn't the unemployment rate low in Western New York?

It is -- around 5% as of April 2018. But underemployment continues to be a hurdle in Western New York. It is the cause and effect of various challenges in Western New York, and its impact will be compounded by widespread retirements in the next decade. We must work together to build a strong, inclusive and skilled workforce to drive our region’s economy forward.

What will Hiring716 focus on?

We'll be looking at issues affecting hiring across the region, including:

  • Job training programs
  • The impact of area community colleges and vocational programs
  • The impact of immigration & language barriers
  • State, local and regional programs
  • Grassroots training programs that are trying to make a difference
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Transportation barriers impacting employment

Our content will range from profiling opportunities in Western New York to ideas to help you get your next job, or more pay at your current job. We'll also be holding town halls in local communities to give you an opportunity to discuss issues important to you.

How often will this site be updated?

We'll be working on stories every week throughout all of 2018 and into 2019. We'll also be posting regular content to all our social media platforms and to our Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV channels as well.

I have a great idea for a story! How can I share it?

Contact us using the form here!

I would like to add my company's open positions to your job listings

Sure! Just fill out the form here!

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