Psychic Reading Online - 5 Best Psychics Websites For Accurate Readings

12:17 PM, Aug 03, 2022

Your future is not completely decided yet and it is not going to make you feel anything but bad if you keep thinking about it. Leave that to professional seers and best psychics online and occult specialists from portals such as the five that we will be reviewing. That way, you don’t have to spend oodles of time looking for the ideal seer who can give you the solutions to your myriad of issues.

These authentic and reliable sources of seer sessions can reveal stuff about you that you that is still hidden from you. You don’t have to believe that you have no future when they or best psychics online are there to reassure you that there is still hope.

The portals offer a long list of seer services such as psychic phone readings that you can use as and when you need them. It is completely alright to set your beliefs in these as they are authentic and the seers are also vetted by the companies that run these. Some of the services that you can pay for as a member on these sites include psychic prediction, tarot readings, card readings from an angel deck, a regular horoscope, palm evaluations, career forecasts and more.

Top 5 Best Sites for Psychic Reading Online

Here is a quick snapshot view of each of the portals that we will go into in-depth in our review:


  • More than 70 top psychics to choose from.
  • Range of psychic services from tarot to career forecasts, love readings.
  • Operational since 1999.
  • Detailed profiles of each psychic

Psychic Source

  • Best intro packages for new members.
  • Get sessions for as low as $1 a minute.
  • Rewrite your whole story.
  • Vetted and interviewed psychics.


  • Budget friendly seer sessions for each member.
  • Get readings on call or on the go.
  • Psychics who specialize in card and angel readings.
  • Get the first 3 minutes of a reading FREE.

Purple Garden

  • Get clarity for a fulfilling life.
  • Choose psychics as per their rating and reviews.
  • High rate of satisfied customers.
  • Pick seers at a single glance.

California Psychics

  • Get credit of 5 free minutes you join as a new member!
  • Choose seers by the topics you need.
  • Rare seers available such as clairvoyants.
  • Find your life path.

If you wish to explore these 5 seer portals in detail for a free psychic reading online -, we have done that already for you as well. Let’s dig right in.

1. Kasamba – Best for Love Readings and Financial Outlook

Since the late 90s, this seer portal has wowed the members with psychic readings that sign up to it and is still doing it. You just need to do a onceover the reviews for to see this. Most are positive and have a lot of great things to say about the service and especially its authenticity. What is noteworthy about it is that it made spiritual readings more modern for its members by making them available virtually. Members need a smart phone or a system with internet to get sessions such as a dream analysis. But they can get these anywhere.

Some of the types of sessions that are offered on the site include the following:

General Sessions

If you are confused as to what type of psychic readings is best for you and the number of seers on the site are too much for you to choose, get a general reading. This can include your fortune as well as an evaluation of your aura from live psychics. Your seer will tell you which one you should pay money for and use the time you pay for and the energy from your query to conduct the session. It will give them some of the insights that will give you more information about your future and what your life should be like via spiritual readings.

Dream Analysis

If you have had a dream on repeat for a few months or a few weeks that is bothering you a lot, get it evaluated by a dream seer via a psychic reading online. Maybe you are having nightmares that are making your days and your nights a living nightmare. A dream seer can see into the secrets they may be trying to tell you about and reveal them so you can work on them. Mostly, these are manifestations of different and quelled fears that you may not even know you have which can be seen with fortune telling.

Love readings

Readings regarding love lives are commonly requested for by members of this sight and most seers are quite skilled at giving them. They use different tools to give them so you can make requests also if you want to see them use specific ones. Find out via a psychic reading online if your current relationship is one that you should stick with for months, where you can find a potential lover and even what you may be doing incorrectly that is preventing your mate from locating you and vice versa. Free psychic readings can reveal much.

Tarot sessions

Cards that are from a tarot deck can be used to give a forecast about your future that may astound you from phone psychics. Each of these contain more than 75 cards to answer any of the queries that may pop into your head. The seer who can read these cards do so by first shuffling them and then creating a spread. The cards that are in said spread can answer questions about your future and your current situation as well as your past. The universe picks for you so you don’t have to think you are being fooled by best psychics.

Career forecasts

If your existing workplace is giving you stress and nothing much else, maybe it is time to switch. But is it a great idea though? A online psychics that can give career advice that can actually be a huge help to you would be quite the thing. You can search for them on the portal quite easily. The best psychics can actually let you know if your existing career decisions are smart or you need to think them over once again. That may be a better idea than say going to a career counselor who is not a professional seer and who cannot see inside your heart with oracle card readings.

Astrology Readings

The stars have a lot to say regarding your current situation and only online psychics can hear their sayings. Just looking up at them and knowing the intricacies of your star sign is not enough. A seer or astrology expert on the portal may be able to see an asteroid in your star chart and they can also explain how the movement of different heavenly bodies impact you and your circumstances. They can do one thing more for you. Online psychics can help you understand how you can live out each of your days with confidence and with the universe right by your side and a psychic reading.

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2. Psychic Source – Best Introductory Packages

This portal to the ideal seers offers several options for the best online psychics that can be used to get in contact with each of them. You can hit them up for a video chat session, chat with the one that you like via text messages or get a session on the phone as well. So it is perfect for sceptics who do not believe that a seer can tell them through online psychic readings what they think they already know and for diehard seer fans who get sessions regularly from others.

The website is far from difficult to go through for the best online psychics. You can see that it is divided into the different sessions that each member can get and the seer types that you can choose. While you may not be happy at the variety on offer regarding the sessions, their quality you will be satisfied with.

Some of the different session types that each member can use include:

Angel readings

Each member can ask the seer that they choose to draw angel cards for them and conduct a session through them for online psychic readings. First, choose a seer that has a four or a five star rating at least. If you don’t want those, you can get cartomancy sessions. These sessions are far from common so chances of you finding these on other portals is rare.

Numerology and Astrology readings

There are a lot of different best online psychics who can give sessions based on the stars. Your future may be outlined there and you may not be able to see them at all. But these are clear to these professionals. Even if you just like to check your horoscope once in a couple of days, you will have fun in these sessions with cheap psychics. They will look at your birth chart and the numerals in your birth date and other important dates to tell you what you may expect.

Spiritual readings

These types of session are rare but professionals and experienced seers can give best psychic readings online without much thought. You can find them easily when you scour the portal but not all of them give great spiritual sessions. This is not a bad thing for you though. As a paying member of the site, you have several different types of options to pinpoint the cheap psychics or seer you want a session from. Some of them may surprise you and anyone who is taking sessions on your recommendation.

Love readings

If you have had your heart broken so many times that you have lost faith in yourself and others, you can get cheap psychic readings from here that can give you at least some motivation to keep looking. Most of the professionals you see on here have excellent ratings. They are the ones who use several different tools to go through each session. You can also choose the exact type of astrological readings that you need or the seer you can gel with by conducting specific searches and uses different keywords.

Dream interpretation

If you are having a dream on repeat each night or each time that you set yourself down for a nap, there may be a message from past life readings you are missing out on. Ignore it and you may miss some opportunities that can make your future look brighter than it currently does. A seer who can read the symbols via cheap psychic readings that those dreams offer can be invaluable for your mental wellbeing. You can find several of them on the portal.

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3. Keen – Psychic Readings From Seers Who Have Seen It All

This online portal can be used to find the exact seers for online psychic reading that you are searching for since it has several different filters that can be used to make searches easier. Think of it as a social media account but for sessions that can clarify your future from trained seers. Each of the psychic reader that you may encounter on the site have distinct backgrounds and offer guidance the best way that they know how to so what is great for one customer may not be for you when it comes to a online psychic reading.

The ideal thing about this site is that it can be accessed no matter what your location is in the world, but most of the seers usually communicate in English for a psychic reading. But since the portal has limitless seers, chances of you locating one who can speak your specific language are not exactly low. You can also get a psychic reading in written form from them if you so desire.

Some of the types of readings that they offer include the following:

Astrology readings from experienced psychic reader

Since the portal has an almost limitless number of seers for psychic readings, you can easily locate those who can see your fate in the stars for you. Some of them are experienced in certain topics for psychic readings while others specialize in different ones. They can also peek at your birth chart to see what kind of individual you are currently and what type you can become in the future.

The experienced astrologists in the portal are not specialized in a single type of astrology though. They can get sessions based on Vedic, Chinese, and Western astrology as well. You can also get a bonus horoscope online psychic reading every single day when you first sign up as a new member on the portal. You can access those readings on the tab marked Horoscopes.

Work forecasts from a psychic reader

Work can get a lot at times for anyone no matter how driven they are or the kind of job they have. Maybe you think yours is sucking all of the motivation from your body and you should switch. This issue is far from uncommon and it is something that the psychics on the site can help with. They can provide psychic readings using different seer tools that can reveal what you are doing wrong in your career and what you can be doing for a healthier one.

Psychics can aid you in making a choice that will not hurt you in the future. The advisors are compassionate and there are several who are actually proficient as career therapists. Just go over their profile and you can find ones that can fit your requirements.

Life path sessions from psychic readings

If you are trying to determine what you need to be doing with your life and are hitting nothing but obstacles in your way life sessions from a seer may help. Psychics can figure out what type of existential crisis you are going through currently and what the stars, cards or any other tools they use reveal about your future.

The psychic reader can also help you map out what you need to be doing exactly to acquire the life you always wanted for yourself. You may be told to stick to the one you are on currently if it is beneficial for you for your future. Or the psychic reader can tell you that you need to make several different choices to get back on the path that you were lead out of by fate or because of your circumstances.

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4. Purple Garden - Best Array of Professional Psychics and Options

This portal is seen as some of the best ones that can be used to figure out destinies and futures by members who sign up to it. The psychic online on the portal provide several services that provide these benefits. This includes palm evaluations, life advice and more such as the following:

Tarot psychic reading

Astrology portals do not offer the dearth of services that members can have a fulfilling session from but this portal does via psychic medium. This includes tarot sessions which involves seers reading fortunes from a deck called a Tarot. The spreads are random and each of the decks contain more than 75 cards.

The sessions from a psychic medium provide accuracy and clarity around life choices which can be quite useful if you are going through a challenging time. They can also offer data on how you can make changes in your specific lifestyle that are preventing you from a good future. For instance, if negative thoughts are all that are in your head, a spread can reveal them and the psychic online who does the spread can tell you what you can do to dissipate them.

Psychic sessions

The seers who can also call themselves psychics are those who are capable of reading the energy that encompasses you. They may also tell you stuff that you are unsure about or don’t know about. Authentic professionals are those who will never try to make you extend a session so they can get more cash from you. The psychics will keep them just the right length that will answer the queries you have for them and the advice you seek. It may also involve numerology readings.

Love psychic reading

Love psychic reading has several meanings so it is unique for each individual who experiences it. So just because you have not found the person who can fill that massive hole in your chest, doesn’t mean that they are not out there waiting for someone like you. A session from a love online psychic who can do readings for you can reveal the path you may have to take to reach them.

Of course, that is not to say that they may be the soul partners that can meet your emotional needs. They may just be for you for a limited time only. A reading from a love seer or online psychic will determine how long that may be and what can be done to open a pathway to a soul mate. The solutions and the advice that they can give you will also be therapeutic in a sense you never thought of before from free psychics.

Palm psychic reading from a psychic reader

This is a session that is rare in all of the portals that we have reviewed thus far. Palm evaluations can be done by professional and experienced free psychics and only a few of those can do them via video i.e. not facing you directly. If it is done accurately, the session can tell you the fate that the universe has ordained for you. In fact, from an online psychic it can also tell you where you are lacking in some parts of your life and what is keeping success from you.

Horoscopes and Astrology psychic reading from a psychic

Astrology sessions from a psychic can be quite thrilling but only if they are conducted by professional and experienced seers from this portal. The psychic readings they give in this regard will tell you the type of person you are and what you can do to become the type of individual you wish to be. The horoscopes or psychic reading will also reveal the obstacles that you cannot see and which are making you trip as you work towards your aims whether it be for love, relationships, careers or more.

If you are at a place where you need to make a hard decision about anything in your life, these sessions can take some of the load off your senses. Freezing will not be help but psychic readings may. You need to take a measurable course of action and a psychic advice can help you take the steps you are too afraid to take. Seers who can see your fate and future through the stars and your star sign can also work to enhance your confidence in areas that you lack in as well. This psychic reading is better than therapy in this regard to be honest not to mention more cost efficient.

Connect With A Gifted Psychic Reader Securely And Confidentially At Purple Garden

5. California Psychics - Best For Psychic Mediums

If you are finding it challenging to find psychics who can give you a session that will satisfy you, you need to get on this portal ASAP. This seer platform offers its members several options for filtering down to the professional they like for a psychic reading online. This includes customer service that can be availed 24 hours a day and all week so you can get technical and other issues resolved when they arise. Even someone who has trouble believing in the occult and seers will be surprised with the options that the best psychics can make use of and the authenticity of the professionals. The site offers services that few people who are searching for seers will find anything wrong with.

Some of the seer services they offer include the following:

Love Readings

If you have had difficulties finding or maintaining a relationship that makes you happy, you may be doing something to jeopardize your success. The love best psychics on the portal can illuminate things that may be hidden from your sight at the moment. Their answers and psychic reading online will let you know what you may be doing incorrectly and what can be done to attract the right individual in your life.

Financial readings

Money can make a lot of your issues disappear, but if it never seems to accumulate, you are doing something that is messing with your fate and your aura. A financial reading from chat psychics can make those issues apparent so you can determine what you should do to make your money situation healthier. The portal has seers who actually specialize in finance and some can also explain stocks to you via free online psychic readings.

Pet readings

If your pet is like a loved one to you, you can actually find out what they are thinking and feeling with a seer session or psychic reading online. In case the vet cannot determine what is wrong with your cat or your dog or any other animal you are keeping a pet seer from the portal may be able to. They can tap into their energy or aura to do this easily so you can know what you need to do to take care of them via tarot readings.

Career readings

If your existing career path is not bearing as much fruit as you thought it might, maybe career psychics can reveal what you should actually be doing. You can find them after filtering for them in the portal. They can advise you via a psychic reading online on what decisions can help you break out of a damaging cycle and what your future career should seem like.

Deceased and past life readings

If someone who you held near to your heart recently departed, a seer can actually contact them for you via a session or psychic reading online. You can discover if they are happy, what they need you to do, what you can do to make them more comfortable in the afterlife and more. You can also discover what realm they are in. These skills are rare though so filter your search thoroughly. You can also find some specialists or a psychic online who are experts in discovering past lives of their clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries that most of the members that use these portals have for a psychic:

Q. What are love sessions or readings from a psychic reader?

A. Love is not for everyone. It can have a whole slew of different meanings for different individuals and a seer can help them reveal what that is. A love psychic reading or a reading from a seer regarding romantic entanglements can tell you what you should do to attract the person who can fill that heart hole or black void.

Q.  What are general psychic readings?

A. If you are completely confused regarding the session types that you should pay your cash for, general sessions are just the right thing you should choose. The information and the insight that a psychic reading can reveal about the current situations or the future ones that you may be about to face can be uplifting. Almost any of the seers can provide this service.

Final Words

The world and reality that you are currently facing is far from anything you have gone through before. Use the portals that we have reviewed in our extensive guide here to find peace from psychic readings. Be aware of phony psychics who are not vetted.


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