Private school out of reach? Maybe not. Here are some financial assistance tips from St. Francis HS

5:43 PM, Dec 10, 2019

At St. Francis High School, we understand that the cost of private high school for most parents is a sacrifice. We know that you have many financial obligations and you may think a St. Francis High School education is out of reach.

St. Francis works with families to help them afford the cost of attendance. More than 65% of families receive some type of financial assistance through scholarships, grants or work study. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and tuition assistance is based on financial need. Students can receive both a scholarship and tuition assistance.

Small Class sizes = Individual attention
At St. Francis High school we have small class sizes and more individualized attention. With an 11:1 student to teacher ratio everyone gets the attention they need. More personal attention for a student means less chance students “hiding out” in the back of the classroom or getting overlooked in discussions. Additionally, teachers are available after school every day for support. This environment means students receive even more opportunities for success.

Well prepared for college
Our recent graduates come back year after year and tell us how well prepared they are for college. Many tell us that their freshman year in college was easy because they knew how to study and manage their time. They were not overwhelmed by the rigors of college and thank St. Francis for this great foundation.

College Admissions Counselor at your service
At St. Francis High School, we have a dedicated college placement counselor. During their senior year, students attend a class that is specifically designed to guide them through the college application and admissions process. Students are instructed on how to fill out the common application, given guidance on choosing the right college, developing an activity resume and navigating the financial aid process.
From providing help with researching colleges and universities to reviewing financial aid and scholarships, college counselors work to help students find the schools that will help them thrive. With more than 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States, college counseling services can be invaluable to students and their families.

Assistance in finding the right college doesn't just mean finding a school that offers a particular major, either. Private schools also help students capitalize on their strengths during the college admission process. College counselors can help students identify schools with targeted sports or art programs, which can be helpful if scholarships are available. Hopefully these tips have helped you decide that an all-boys education is the best investment in your son. Click here for more information about St. Francis High School, or you can call St. Francis High School at (716) 627-1200

Increased scholarship dollars for college
Members of the graduating class of 2019 from St. Francis High School earned over $16.2 Million dollars in scholarships and institutional grants to pursue opportunities in higher education. Investing in a St. Francis High School education for your son now will help him in so many ways in the future. Our strong brotherhood and network of Alumni support one another in the workforce. Our Alumni know that when they see St. Francis High School on a job application that this applicant has a strong educational background.


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