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11:59 AM, Aug 01, 2022

Many often worry about what destiny holds for them, which leads them to find answers and direction via online psychic reading avenues. However, counting on a legit virtual mystic expert is difficult today, and figuring out where to start is equally hard. If this has kept you from reaching out to the best experts, we plan to change things for you.

We surveyed the different highest-ranking online psychic reading dealings for this year. No matter if it's about everyday life, work, or simply a curiosity about what's to come, all of the free psychic reading businesses that we mention in this piece deliver consistent and genuine help one can get virtually. Let's get started.

Continue reading to determine every little detail about these websites, including how they operate, what their reviews say, what different types of mystic assistance they deliver, and what distinguishes them from other businesses. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

2022's Best Free Psychic Reading Websites

Psychic Reading SiteFeatures
* Kasamba
  • Best platform for first time users
  • 3 minutes FREE + 75% off
  • Popular psychics for love readings & relationship coaches
* Psychic Source
  • Best psychics for spiritual readings
  • Connect via live chat, phone or video call
  • Free first 3 Minutes + 75% off for new customers
* California Psychics
  • Best for guidance on important life questions
  • 5 Free Minutes using promo code "ADD5"
  • Very good reviews by real customers
* Keen
  • Best fortune tellers site
  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • Trusted psychics boasting 20 years of experience

1. Kasamba - Live Psychic Platform for Free Love Readings

Known as the best avenue for mystic assistance, this one is hands down an absolute OG for best online psychics. There are a multitude of great features when it comes to Kasamba, the very first being its 2 decades of business experience. That’s right! For 20 plus years now, Kasamba has been the go-to choice of many, which gives it good credibility.

A few of our favorite Kasamba features include:

  • Free trial with a satisfaction guarantee
  • A smartphone app to make mystic readings more convenient
  • Vetted professionals
  • All categories of readings
  • Courteous 24/7 customer support

However, this service doesn't support video meetings with your advisor. Moreover, the search options at Kasamba, as compared to others mentioned here, are limited. If you're not sure how these people have managed to stay in business all these years and continued increasing its customer base, it’s because the business has continued to evolve through the tests of time to deliver assistance in avenues like dream analysis or numerology readings.

Moreover, Kasamba has managed to not only build but surpass its reputation as the fairest and most genuine mystic avenues. That's exactly why their clients keep going back to them. This and the fact that Kasamba provides a massive variety of spiritual help, such as spiritual readings, among 40 different categories.
Moreover, all of these services come with a guarantee of satisfaction. So if someone is not 100% satisfied with their experience, the business will repay the money after contacting their customer support department in two ways. One is by receiving refunds to your profile or by getting a free meeting with an expert of your liking instead.

How It Works

When it comes to signing up to actually start your first consultation, all one is supposed to do is provide them with the banking info, fill out a few basic info requirements, and avail their $0 trial with the online psychic of their liking
Kasamba delivers a massive variety of mystic services, such as data analysis, dream interpretation, career forecasts, past life readings, fortune telling, psychic readings, love readings, and more. Moreover, if one is on the lookout for a psychic medium online, they can contact one on this avenue to have the most sincere psychic help that their mediums are popular for.

Aura reading, yet another popular and high in demand mystic reading category at Kasamba, involves discovering your surrounding areas by releasing pent-up emotions. All of the readings on Kasamba can are delivered in three ways; chat, phone, and email.

Furthermore, their experts are online 24/7. So even if a certain expert that you choose is not online at a moment, there are always other free psychics who can be of help. For people who aren't used to sitting at a desktop computer, they can download the platform's Android or iOS app to access their mystics.

Kasamba provides a $0 trial for the starting 3 minutes. This means that beginners can receive 3 minutes for free with each new psychic they test. This ensures that people have multiple opportunities to try out different experts and settle for the one who truly resonates with them.

2. Psychic Source - Get Spiritual Readings from Trusted Experts

When talking about the best avenues that deliver free psychic readings, one cannot leave behind Psychic Source. The hotline has been leading the mystic reading industry for more than 30 years now. So one can imagine how credible and qualified they must be for staying in business and be trusted by their customers all this time.

Some of the favorite aspects about Psychic Source for us are:

  • Find a Psychic tool that makes sure you find an exact match.
  • Free psychic readings for beginners who haven’t found your answers yet.
  • Rates start from as low as $1/min.
  • Free readings during the first three minutes

Nevertheless, a number of the best psychics on this avenue are a little too expensive as their introductory rates are very high. Released in 1989, it is now a very well-known mystic reading business around the globe.

In addition to phone and live spiritual readings, Psychic Source also offers chat psychic readings that are mainly on life and love readings. Moreover, they offer complete information resources related to spiritual readings. For instance, the platform has tons of articles and guides on spiritual readings, life questions, and similar concerns. So you can always rely on their expert advice and suggestions.

What makes their customers satisfied with their service so far is their satisfaction guarantee. As per this guarantee, customers are entitled to free psychic readings in case they haven’t received the answers they were seeking. So you can leverage this feature to turn a negative into a positive if your previous reading was inaccurate.

How It Works

Psychic Source is a psychic reading hotline, meaning that once you have created your account, you can directly call them, and their service will connect you to a relevant free psychic reader. Once you have created an account, you will need to top it up with some funds for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Once your account has some funds, it will be ready to use.

Just choose the right free psychic reader, select the mode of communication, and click on the chat, call, or video call icon to connect with them. If they are not available at the moment, a Psychic Source will either connect you with another available psychic. Or you can simply choose to get notified once your desired free psychic reader is available.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply for a personalized reading at Psychic Source. This platform offers several different types of readings, including angel card readings, that are very rare. If you seek answers to important life questions, you can have the spirits guide you towards the answers.

So no matter what time of the day or night it is and what part of the world you live in, you can call Psychic Source any time. Their psychic readers are available 24/7 at your service. And don’t worry! No matter which psychic you choose, you are guaranteed to be connected to an experienced expert because all the best online psychics at Psychic Source are hired after an extensive background check.

3. California Psychics - Real Psychics Live Readings

California Psychics has been around us for more than twenty years. The platform has been offering high-quality readings with the help of the most qualified and popular free psychics from all over the world. It is one of the most sought-after platforms for many customers. The range of services at California Psychics is extensive. They have experts for every type of psychic reading service at their own rates. This range of services allows customers to get answers for every aspect of their lives. They have unlimited options to choose from.

Some of our favorite features of California Psychics include:

  • A satisfaction guarantee that ensures guaranteed answers.
  • Easy sign-up process.
  • Huge range of psychic reading services.
  • Several modes of payment.
  • A variety of psychic tools are used.
  • The best experts in the industry.

California Psychics has free psychics who use a huge variety of tools to provide readings. For instance, many use runes, tarot cards, past life readings, fortune telling, angel cards, balls, and oracle cards to offer you guidance. Both you and the reader may resonate more with a certain type of psychic tool. So you can try out different psychic tools and figure out which one works for you.

How It Works

Signing up on this platform is pretty straightforward. By signing up on the platform, you can create a profile, after which they will direct you to the signup portal. Once there, enter certain details that are asked, such as the basic info, username, and passcode. They will then prompt you to sign in for a horoscope while singing in for free.
Once you have created an account, you will need to select a payment mode. Although California Psychic provides free minutes while logging in, you will still need to enter your payment info. However, your fee will only be deducted when you exceed the limit of free minutes.

You can talk to a psychic online of your choice after signing up. Go to the “Psychics” category on their website to browse through the different free psychics based on their specialties, tools, and services. Once done, you can read the customer testimonials on their profiles, check their rates, and then decide which ones are the best. You can choose from pet psychics, relationship psychics, and love psychics. They are also divided into psychic abilities, such as dream analysis, clairvoyants, and mediums.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your account on California Psychics today to get a psychic reading. You can connect to a reliable psychic reader within minutes and get your reading for free.

4. Keen - Top Class Advice From A Real Psychic Advisor


Keen has long remained a source of reliable psychic readings for more than twenty years. While there are many psychic reading services, what sets Keen apart is the fact that the platform has delivered more than 35 million successful readings so far. So if you were wondering how popular that platform is, well, THAT’s how popular it actually is.

With a dedicated network of best online psychics who have spent their lives helping people using their gifts, Keen is bound to help you find the answers to your most compelling questions and get a much-needed closure.

Since every psychic reader has a different style, ability, use of tools, and experience, no two psychic readers at Keen are similar. They each have their own touch to each reading, providing the much-needed clarity and guidance that you seek.

Some of our favorite features of Keen include:

  • Psychic readings are available 24/7.
  • Free psychic readings for the first three minutes.
  • A dedicated mobile application for readings on the go.
  • Some of the unique psychic reading categories include Vedic astrology.
  • More than 1,800 psychic readers registered.

However, what we didn’t find really impressive about Keen is the fact they don’t offer video psychic readings like Psychic Source. Moreover, the most popular psychic experts on their platform have very high rates.

Apart from that, Keen recently celebrated its 20th birthday with a successful track record of the most accurate readings. Their readings are divided into a huge range of categories, delivered by free psychics who are experts in different areas, tools, and types of readings.
Keen has a huge network of phone psychics, chat psychics, and email psychics who offer phone psychic readings and chat psychic readings. So you have multiple options to contact your psychic as per your comfort level.

Keen’s mobile application makes it easy for you to contact your experts no matter where you are. It has a really user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation for a free psychic reading. You can easily find all the options you will need on their main page.

Moreover, they have well-written bios of all the 1,700 best psychics registered on their platform. So it is very easy for you to choose a psychic that matches your needs. Just read their details carefully, check if their rates fall under your budget, see if they're available, read the testimonials left under their profiles by their customers, and hit the call or chat option.

Keen offers free psychic readings to its new customers. The first three minutes of the readings are free for all customers. So if you are a beginner just willing to try out the platform, you can make the most of these free minutes. Why not try tarot readings at Keen? Keen psychics are mostly popular for the most accurate tarot card readings.

Free Psychic Reading Online - Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings are carried out by mystical individuals who are born or have learned from mystical realms. These people are born with heightened perceptions and come with knowledge of the unknown. They use these tools and abilities to give you answers and offer guidance.

How to Take a Perfect Psychic Reading?

For a perfect psychic reading, you are supposed to create a proper environment that allows learning and induces feelings of calm as well as clarity. Settle down in a silent environment and then meditate. Note down all of your worries on a paper, and prepare before your session begins. Finally, start the meeting and make sure you inform your expert about all of your worries and communicate properly.

Are Psychic Readings Reliable?

Psychic readings are not always 100% accurate, but they're always reliable, as long as you communicate with a legit online psychic with a proven track record of successful readings and experience. If you turn to a shady avenue that promises to be the best but has no track record, there is no way you can get reliable readings. But you can easily rely on all the websites that have been mentioned above as they are tried and tested by us.

Are Online Psychic Readings Free?

No. Anyone who claims to provide free online psychic readings is not telling the truth. One can only receive free online psychic readings when they go for beginner-friendly offers. These online avenues only provide free psychic readings for users for up to 5 mins at max. Once those minutes are over, users will have to pay for each minute of the meeting they are in.

Things You May Consult a Psychic For

If you are someone who hasn't ever received a free psychic reading, you may be confused about what kind of problems people need best psychics for. Life is full of more downs than ups for many people. Be it their love life, career, education, family matters, or friends, people often have issues in all of these aspects.

For example, a major career decision can keep you up all night, worrying about the future and what it holds for you. All of us have been there! That’s where a psychic reader comes in to save the day.

Psychics are born with special abilities and "gifts" that allow them to perceive the world differently. They have heightened senses that they use to read the aura and spirits around them to offer guidance.

Read on to find out the different areas of your life where you may need the help of a psychic.

1. Career

If you have just started a career or you are still at the point where you are deciding what career path to take, a psychic online can help direct you towards the right path. For instance, you can ask them about the future and what it means for your career. Ask them about your financial situation in the future.

By seeking help from their tools and heightened perceptions, a psychic online can give you a future prediction. However, do note that these are not 100% accurate. Psychics give you a wider view of what your future may hold.

2. Marriage and Relationships

Marriage and relationships are the most common reasons why people turn to psychics for help. Since two people are involved in a relationship, the chances of problems and issues occurring through this journey are doubled.

Whether it is a crush on a friend, a small fight with your partner, confusion about your partner's commitment, a suspicion about your partner's faithfulness, or a messy divorce, a psychic reader can help you find out all the hidden things that may help you start a new relationship, fortify it, or end it in a healthy way, with a free psychic reading online.

3. Dead Loved Ones

One of the worst things that can happen to someone in their life is losing a loved one. Be it a parent, a friend, a partner, a sibling, or any family member, the loss of a loved one puts a massive blow on anyone's life. It can drive you into depression and seriously affect your quality of personal and professional life.

Many people are unable to get out of grief after losing their loved ones. This is mostly because they did not get any closure. Getting closure helps you move on while still keeping the love for your dead family members alive in your heart.

Now, this is something that a psychic reader can help you with. A psychic can help you connect to the spirit of a dead loved one to get much-needed closure. If you are suffering from grief or know someone who is, you should definitely seek closure with the help of a psychic.

4. Future

Most of us remain anxious and worried about what the future holds for us. In fact, the thought of it keeps us awake all night. Even if everything else in our lives is perfect, we are always scared about what could happen next. This fear of the future is real and exists in so many people, affecting the quality of their lives and leaving them questioning their decisions.

Psychic readers are gifted with special abilities that allow them to uncover the unseen and hidden secrets of the future. Although they may not always be 100% correct, they can make reliable psychic predictions about the future.

Types of Psychic Readings

There are many different types of online psychic readings categories. You may have seen the following categories listed on each of the best online psychic readings websites mentioned above. However, if you are a beginner at psychic reading, you may not understand what each of these means. And until you don't know what they mean, you can't possibly connect to the right psychic reader.

Below, we have explained what the most popular types of psychic readings are and what they mean.

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are carried out with the help of tarot card decks. These cards reveal messages and meanings for all areas of your life. Tarot cards have been known to exist since the 1700s. They were first practiced in Europe to offer insights into all aspects of your life. A gifted psychic reader uses a tarot card deck to decipher the meaning of these cards based on their knowledge. They can offer guidance about any current and future happenings.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings or “astrological” readings are carried out to make psychic predictions about different patterns, influences, and situations in your life. Psychics use astrological charts that represent the position of the stars, planets, sun, and the moon at a given time. These are then interpreted by an astrologer to offer you a detailed forecast based on your birth date and other information. Astrology readings are more detailed and personalized than zodiac readings.

Dream Analysis

Dreams are said to be symbolic, and their meanings play a vital role in our lives. While some are a result of our subconscious mind, emotions, and feelings, others are said to be messages from the unseen. Since our mind is in the purest state when dreaming, we are more prone to receiving messages from the universe. Dream analysis with a psychic allows you to interpret your dreams and the symbolic meaning behind them to get more clarity. This way, you can be in more control of your life.

Numerology Readings

If seven has been your lucky number always, you can seek help from a numerologist to determine what the number means for you. Numerology readings are readings revolving around the significant numbers and figures in your life, such as your birthday and the numbers related to your name. These readings can then help you find out about future events and uncover any patterns that you may be missing out on. Numerology readings are common in every culture and are carried out to find out fundamental truths.

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings are carried out by spiritual readers who seek help from the spiritual realm. Live psychics seek help from your higher self to identify your history, relationships, and personality and make predictions for current and future events based on this info. Many psychics offer spiritual readings as they come from such backgrounds and find this metaphysical approach easier.

Angel Card Readings

Also known as angel oracle cards, these cards used in psychic readings have imagery of angels with a message about a certain aspect of your life. When you go for angel card readings, your psychic answers your questions with the help of these messages and images, which often include affirmations and guidance from guardian angels and spirits. Most of these cards have images of the most well-known angels, including Uriel, Azrael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael.

Love Readings

The most in-demand psychic readings are love readings. People often turn to psychics to discuss their love lives. For instance, they seek answers to questions like "how do I find love," "does he like me," or "is she cheating on me"?. There are many ways love psychics can help you find information through free psychic love reading. For instance, a clairvoyant may see a vision of your future partner, a soulmate, or a potential heartbreak.


So that's all, folks. Now that we have told you how to get spiritual readings that you can count on, give it a try and check your luck. Avail all the beginner offers on all these avenues to receive free psychic readings online. We can tell for sure that you will not be disappointed. Even if you don't believe in mystic readings, it's worth giving it a try. Because you won't be losing a single penny, would you?


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