Best Online Psychics: Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Sites Are Only A Click Away

1:25 PM, Jun 03, 2022

Life happens to everyone, and each day brings its challenges but how we respond to them determines how fulfilling our lives will be. Due to life's complexities and the challenges it brings, everyone is seeking answers to questions that normal science cannot provide. People experiencing challenges in their relationships, family, and career, and confused about their future, turn to accurate psychic reading to get the answers they need to forge ahead.

Today, there are so many psychic reading websites, but only a few of them can be trusted to deliver quality readings worth the investment. In this review, we want to explain what cheap psychic reading is all about and the different types of accurate psychic readings online.

Then we will review the top five trusted websites on the internet and a comprehensive guide to help you choose a very good one. So read the review until the end to get a fresh perspective about legit psychic reading and why it is so important.

Let us begin!

Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites

Let us now reveal the top five real psychic readings website. Read our review of each one till the end and make your choice from our list.

Online Psychic Reading Platform



Purple Garden
  • User privacy and anonymity guaranteed
  • Affordable services and many active psychics
  • $10 free credit with any payment

  • Best site for love questions and dream analysis
  • Free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for new customers
  • Good mobile app to connect with psychics


  • Available over email or phone
  • 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 Minutes for free
  • In-depth psychic readings

1. Mysticsense – Best Intuitive Psychic Platform


Mysticsense is one of the best psychic reader platforms on the internet and has been so for a very long time. This site has more than 600 active psychics offering different types of readings to clients round the clock.

It is open to users that are 18 and above and is different from other popular websites. On Mysticsense, there are different best online psychic readers.

Registration is easy as you will be asked to provide your personal details, including your location. This information is used to filter your search so you can find psychics that will offer you the readings that guarantee the best outcomes.

Mysticsense offers new users free reading for the first five minutes, after which they have to pay moving forward.


  • Intuitive website interface
  • Advanced search filters
  • Hundreds of psychics
  • Multiple payment methods


  • The best psychics are oversubscribed

2. Kasamba – Best Round The Clock 24 Hour Website


Kasamba has been able to remain relevant in the ever-competitive online psychic readers space because of its thorough vetting process. You best believe that every single psychic that appears on Kasamba is a trained psychic with proven years of experience.

This is why the most reputable and talented psychic mediums are on the platform. This site is more about quality than quantity. You will find different psychics on the platform like tarot readers, career forecasters, dream interpreters, and lots more that can do psychic medium reading.

Kasamba is easy to use with smooth navigation tools and multiple communication channels. You register and verify your account using your email address, after which you will gain access to the menu where you will find different categories. Searching for a psychic is easy, and they offer a 24 hours service, so regardless of your time zone, you will definitely find a good reader.

Some of the best dream analysts are available on Kasamba, totaling more than 90. There are also more than 300 psychic readers registered on the platform.


  • Available round the clock
  • Talented dream analysts
  • Easy to use
  • Discount available


  • Short free reading of only 3 minutes

3. Purple Garden – Best Cost-Effective Website


Third, on our list of the best site for online psychic predictions is Purple Garden. This site has more than 1500 psychics offering almost every kind of psychic reading you can imagine. Purple Garden continues to attract clients from all other the globe because their psychics are vetted.

Psychics on the platform choose their time slots, so there is always a psychic in your location active on the platform at all times. You will find psychic experts who do astrology, dream analysis, tarot card readings, oracle guidance, and palm reading.

Purple Garden also has different categories and subcategories like energy healing, twin flame reading, pendulum reading, career advice, spiritual and chakra cleansing, life coaching, and so much more.

Purple Garden's selling point is that it is affordable, and there are service rates that everyone can afford. You can order for a video chat, live chat, or a phone psychic reading and their cheap psychics, phone psychics, and best psychics will respond to your call.


  • Very affordable psychics
  • Mobile compatible
  • Different subcategories
  • Many active psychics


  • Quality dilution

4. Keen – Best For Life Advice


If you are currently in the process of making a decision that will change the course of your life, you should not do so lightly without getting a psychic reading to ensure that you are making the right decision. Are you looking to change your career, get married, relocate to a new city or country or apply for college, you need all the insight you can get.

With more than 34 million global users, Keen is the best website for you. The website has clairvoyant psychics with wide-ranging expertise who offer customers quality readings to help them make the right decisions.

New users get three minutes of free reading before they are asked to pay. This free minute helps them evaluate the quality of the psychics on the platform. Signing up is easy with your email address and other personal information. The special tools like the "Get Matched Tool" on the site help match you with the right psychic, so you don't have a hard time searching for one.

You gain insight into life's challenging questions and find meaning. They also have astrology, chakra cleansing, aura, pet psychic, numerology, and spiritual readings.


  • Fast response
  • Insightful readings
  • SMS notification to get started
  • Available in Spanish language


  • Only 3 minutes of free reading

5. AskNow – Best Multilingual Psychic Reading


AskNow has been able to carve a niche for itself online because it is one of the few sites that offers readings in multiple languages. They offer new users free five minutes readings after registering their credit cards. After the five minutes duration, the service is then charged from the credit card.

There are psychics from different countries on AskNow who speak different languages, so users from different regions can use the platform. There is a psychic expert for almost every issue you can imagine. Are you looking for career advice, love psychics, facing difficulties, or looking to gain insight into your future? Consult the experts on AskNow and find the answers you seek.

You can do your tarot spirit readings, consult with spiritual psychics, dream analysis, numerology, past life readings, etc. AskNow also provides users with free daily horoscope readings. Then there are the two main categories which are the Top Rated Advisors and the Elite Advisors, to choose from.

While both are good, the Elite Advisors are the most experienced and reputable psychics, and they are far more expensive. The fact that AskNow tests their registered psychics once or twice a year ensures quality service delivery.


  • Available in different languages
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Experience psychics
  • Free daily horoscope


  • A little expensive

How We Chose

Price was a priority for us because we know that money is hard to come by these days. No matter how talented a psychic may be or a large number of psychics on a website, if their services fees are exorbitant, you will not be able to afford them.

So affordability was a huge factor when we were picking the websites, and we also went for platforms that offer users different price plans and discounts.

Like we pointed out before, the key to a successful psychic reading hinges on the skill and talent of the psychic doing the reading. So, therefore, we only went for websites with a healthy number of talented and experienced psychics.

Our top picks have psychics who are talented in different forms like astrology, numerology, palmistry, dream interpretation, mediumship, and many other forms. We believe that by expanding your options, your investment will be worth it.

All the websites that made our list have close to a hundred or more practicing psychics.

Another thing we looked at was the usability of the website. We only chose websites that are easy to use. Our picks have easy to understand interfaces and navigation tools. You understand the keys and how to use them at a glance, and connecting for a live psychic chat psychic reading or phone psychic reading takes only a few clicks.

Some psychic prediction websites don't offer discounts to customers who pay them a shit ton of money to use their site, and we stay away from them. Rather, we only reviewed sites that offer attractive discounts to reduce costs.

Free Minutes
We consider sites that do not offer free psychic reading minutes to customers to be fictitious because how else can you tell that their services are worth it. Our top picks offer users free psychic chat minutes so they can test the service to assess the skill of the psychic at the other end.

Having at least a five minutes free online psychic reading session with clients was a big deal for us.

Factors To Consider When Making The Choice

There are so many psychic reading websites on the internet which is a good thing, but their sheer numbers make it difficult for inexperienced people to know which one to choose.

When you also consider that many of them are either scam sites or sites that offer poor quality readings, you see the challenge many face finding good ones. The key to having a successful psychic reading session is to consult an experienced psychic who knows the trade, not a scam artist or an inexperienced psychic still learning the trade.

Also, many of our readers complain that they don't know what to look for when picking a psychic reading website. The truth is not all websites are legit, and not all legit websites are good for you. When searching for a site, you should prioritize your needs. By this, we mean sites that offer you the best outcomes, not just any general outcome.

For instance, if you have a dream and want to know the meaning, you need to subscribe to a site with the best dream specialist, not the one that offers the best career advice.

In this guide, we want to review what to consider when selecting a psychic reading website. Read our guide, and you will never make another mistake.

The security of the platform is not something to overlook for two main reasons. Firstly, you will be putting your personal details on the platform, and the last thing you want is to have your identity stolen. Secondly, these platforms request your credit card and other financial details, and if it is not secured, you could fall victim to fraudulent activities. When choosing a platform, make sure it is secure and breach-proof.

A psychic reading website doesn't have to stress you out before or as you take your reading. From the comfort of your home, you should be able to communicate with the psychic on the other end using a smartphone or computer. The website should be easy to use, and the service should be available round the clock.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Only use platforms that offer satisfaction guarantees. This guarantee is a sign that the site will offer you a service to satisfy your needs. While this is not the only feature to look for, it says a lot about how they view and treat their clients.

Good sites are not only after your money but want to see your questions answered. This guarantee is embedded in their terms and conditions and varies from site to site.

In terms of price, we recommend that you go for sites with different pricing plans rather than a single plan. A single plan may be too expensive for you and contain features that do not meet your needs.

Secondly, the price should be one you can afford. No matter how talented their in-house psychics are, if their fees are too expensive, you may not be able to afford it.

Trial Minutes
We pointed this out at the start of the guide, but we just had to point it out again. If you have never done a psychic reading before, you may not be so sure about whether it is something you are comfortable with.

If you are forced to pay for it, you may end up wasting your money and walking away dissatisfied. But sites that offer free minutes give you the opportunity to test the service to be sure that it is something that you want.

Moreover, the free minutes also give you a chance to evaluate the psychic's skill. This trial before you pay is a great way to ensure that you are going to pay for a service that is worth it, and only good sites offer free trial minutes.

We advise that you only use sites that only offer free trial minutes.

To do a psychic reading, you must be prepared to reveal sensitive information about your personal life. This is why your anonymity should be protected at all times by the site you use. If you don't want to reveal your face, the site should have a phone or chat psychic reading options.

Search Filters
A very good psychic website should have search filters to help you sort through the dozens or hundreds of psychics on their platform. Without these tools, finding the right psychic will be a cumbersome task. They should also have matching tools and top-rated psychics in different fields so you can identify a suitable expert in a short time.

Other site navigation tools should also be available so you can nice from one page to another.

So Many Psychics
Variety is the spice of life, as they say; that is why the best psychic websites have hundreds and thousands of psychics to choose from. The more psychics they have, the more options they offer.

You want the best outcome. So you should only use sites with different categories. There should be experts for love readings, horoscope, dream analysis, tarot reading, and so much more. Breaking them into categories will help you identify the reading you are looking for. You may not even know what you need, but when provided with different options, your needs become clearer.

Talented Psychics
Great platforms have talented psychics skilled in different areas. There are astrologers, palmists, dream interpreters, spirit mediums, Tarot and rune readers, and lots more. Talented and experienced psychics abound in the best sites, and their readings are always accurate. So when selecting a site, review some of their psychics' profiles to check if they are as good as claimed.

Payment Method
Only go for sites that have different payment methods. If the methods we do fee, you will not be able to access their services because you can't pay for them. The site you choose should have at least one of the following payment methods.

  • PayPal
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Skrill
  • American Express
  • Cheques

The more of these options you have, the better.

Customer Care
They should have a responsive customer care channel to register complaints or make inquiries. Sites like AskNow will link you up to a representative immediately after you register an account with them to help you choose the best reading for you. If they take hours or days to respond to your message, it means the site is not reliable.

Thorough Vetting Process
Does the site conduct periodic Vetting? Find out. If they don't, you can't be so sure that you will get your money's worth. The best websites in 2022 don't just add every Tom, Dick, and Harry who calls themselves psychics. They vet their psychics at least twice a year and only admit the best.

They also get reviews and feedback from clients that they use to evaluate performance. These are the kind of platforms you should be looking to use.

Last but not least is discount availability. If it is a site you plan to use regularly, you should make sure they offer periodic discounts to reduce how much you pay over time. Discount helps you save money long term.

Paid or Free Psychic Reading
The first thing you need to choose is whether to go for a free psychic reading or paid reading website. As the name suggests, a free psychic website offers readings for free while you pay for a paid version.

But the truth is if you want the best readings, a free psychic website will not offer much, only a paid one. However, the best psychic reading websites offer new users a free service of 3-5 minutes, after which they are charged a subscription fee per minute. Such a site allows you to evaluate psychics' quality in their platform before they charge you a fee.

Local Psychics or Online
In the past, you had to visit the home or office of a psychic to get a reading, but online mediums now exist. If you prefer sitting before the psychic, you should visit a local psychic in your area for readings, but if you don't know anyone around or you like to maintain anonymity, then online psychic websites are your best bet. All five sites reviewed above offer quality online predictions and readings.

What Is Psychic Reading?

Psychic reading is an attempt by the most gifted psychics to discern secret information about someone else through the use of their heightened perception or natural basic human senses like sight, sound, instinct or touch.

Legit psychics have very strong sensory abilities that manifest in different forms, and each psychic is gifted in its own unique way. Some trusted psychics are clairvoyant, others are clairsentience, then we have claircognisance psychics and clairaudience psychics. These gifts are brought to hear when attempting to discern information about someone else.

These sensory abilities are broken down as thus:

  • Clairvoyant (Vision)
  • Clairsentience (Feeling)
  • Claircognisance (Knowing of facts)
  • Clairaudience (Hearing)

While it is rare to have a psychic who has dual abilities or even more, most true psychics have one strong ability that they rely on to decode problems.

Different Types Of Psychic Readings

There are different types of psychic readings by authentic psychics who use their gifts to help others. When you search the online space for psychic readings, you are more likely going to come across the following types of psychic readings.

Note that they are best at discerning different types of problems, so to get the best outcomes, you need to pick one that appeals to you and will get you the answers you seek.

Here they are:

Fortune Telling
Fortune telling is one of the oldest forms of psychic reading, and fortune tellers have been around for thousands of years. In fact, many people believe that fortune tellers were the first type of clairvoyant psychics known to man.

A fortune teller provides insights into what may happen to you in the future and will give you advice on how best to get favorable outcomes in the future. They look into your past, explore the present and foretell the future.

Fortune tellers use different tools to practice their trade, like tea leaves, crystal balls or even tarot cards.

Tarot Reading
Another form of psychic reading popularized in the modern day is Tarot card reading; however, this age-long practice has existed since 1430. It originated in Italy but became hugely popular in France in the late 1700s by Jean Baptiste Alliete, a famous occultist who hid his name under the pseudonym, Etteilla.

His guide on tarot card reading inspired a generation of famous psychics and accurate psychics who went on to become master tarot card readers and his work continues to be the foundation of the practice. Tarot decks have 78 cards, out of which 22 are trump cards. Tarot readers use them to decipher the future.

Dream Interpretation
Humans have long received messages through dreams, but these dreams are not always clear. Sometimes, they are confusing. This is why dream analysts continue to remain relevant in the psychic space. Today, there are professional and good psychics talented in the set of interpreting dreams to give the person clarity.

If the dream continues to occur, it is a strong sign and a relevant message that only a dream interpreter can interpret to get the full meaning. Interpreters use different divination tools to interpret dreams and discover meanings.

Love Readings
This one has become very popular on the internet, and virtually all sites have love reading for clients. Love is an essential part of life, and people who are struggling with relationships or looking for love want to know if they will be fortunate to find their soulmate.

Psychic websites that offer this service receive a lot of traffic from curious or worried clients looking for answers.

Medium Reading
When it comes to medium Reading or mediumship, this is perhaps one of the oldest forms of psychic readings and perhaps, one of the strangest because it searches for deep knowledge using elements that are not of this world. Spirit mediums are in high demand because they help get the answers that many other forms cannot get.

A spirit medium communicates with the spirit of the seas to find answers. They use their body and senses as a conduit to relay messages between the living and the dead.

People looking for closure after the passing of a loved one can use the services of a medium to know if their loved one is resting peacefully in the afterlife.

They use different tools like tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystal balls, and so much more to practice their trade.

Astrologers are also in high demand online and are perhaps the most popular psychic readers of the internet era. They study the planet and stars aligned and other heavenly bodies to gain insight. Astrology as a practice has been widely practiced for thousands of years.

The most common form is the horoscope which uses birth date and zodiac signs to interpret the present and predict the future.

Another form of Psychic reading is numerology. This is the interpretation of numbers for insight purposes. Numbers have meanings and convey messages to all who keep seeing them, but most don't know what they mean.

A numerologist predicts the future by analyzing numbers their clients keep seeing repeatedly. They also analyze birth dates and numbers associated with names.

Psychic Reading Sites FAQ

How much will a psychic reading cost me?
There is no straightforward price to doing a psychic reading. Different websites charge different prices for their readings, and some sites are more expensive than others. Sites with more experienced psychics charge more than others. Secondly, some sites have different pricing plans for their services.

How accurate are psychic readings?
Psychic readings are only accurate if the reader is talented and experienced and the client is open about the information they provide. If both conditions are met, the free online psychic reading will be accurate. Very good sites vet the psychics on their platform to ensure that set standards are met.

What are the benefits of psychic readings?
You stand to benefit a great deal from a psychic reading if it is done rightly. It can help you gain insight into life in general. A reading can help you deal with the grief caused by the passing of a loved one, make career choices, help with your love life and relationship, interpret dreams, and lots more.

Understanding your past, evaluating your present, and predicting your future is the core focus of psychic readings. It helps you make better decisions about your future.

Which is better: local vs. online psychic reading?
No one is better than the other because a psychic that does a one-on-one reading can also work with you online. What matters is your convenience. Many people use online psychics because it is more convenient, and their anonymity is protected. Also, you can use online sites if you don't know or have a psychic operating close to you.

How long does the average psychic reading session last?
An average session lasts between 7-10 minutes. But if there is a lot of information flowing through, a session may last for up to 15 or 20 minutes.


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