St. Bonaventure NCAA Post Game Quotes

March 16, 2012 Updated Mar 16, 2012 at 8:36 PM EDT

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St. Bonaventure NCAA Post Game Quotes

March 16, 2012 Updated Mar 16, 2012 at 8:36 PM EDT

St. Bonaventure Post-Game Transcript

COACH SCHMIDT: I'm really proud of my
team, our team. We gave great effort. Just didn't
make enough plays. Hit some big shots to come
back in the late seconds of the game. Give Florida
State credit, they defended very well in the second
half. We did what we needed to do. We came
here to win the game and we were very close. It
was a great college basketball game, great
environment. Appreciate our fans for coming out,
they were terrific. Couldn't ask more. I'm just
proud of our team, the effort that they gave. We
just came up short.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the
student athletes.

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about
what they did defensively, if anything, to you in
the second half to take away some of the looks
you were getting in the first half, Andrew?

physical. They were fronting the post so denying
the entry, and so we just had to run plays they
gave me off the block. I had to step out and shoot.

THE MODERATOR: Other questions?
Q. Demitrius, could you just kind of
talk about what it was that they did defensively
in the second half really as a team. You guys
went on a stretch where it was maybe two
points in six, seven minutes at the end there.
Can you kind of talk about that.

DEMITRIUS CONGER: It was pressuring
the ball, packing it into stuff and things like that.
Made it a little bit difficult to drive and everything,
but, I mean, they're a good defensive team, so...

Q. Demitrius, you're not known as a 3-
point guy, but you hit two huge zero ones late.
Circumstances just kind of force you to do

much. I mean, I just caught the ball at the 3-point
line. Needed a 3, so just shot it. I mean
teammates just found me. Credit to them. They
found me when I was open. I shot the ball and it
went in.

Q. Demitrius, on that last possession,
then, how badly did you want to get the ball in
your hands and what happened? Were they
able to shut you guys down defensively?

DEMITRIUS CONGER: I don't know. It
wasn't me getting the shots, it was just about us
getting a shot, but they played good defense, so...

THE MODERATOR: You have a followup?
Q. Were you guys trying to yell to
Da'Quan, trying to get him to know you denied
a 3? What happened on the last play, do you
guys know?

DEMITRIUS CONGER: Can you be a little
more specific in what you're trying to ask?
Q. You went in for the jumper and then
missed it. Did he know how much time was
left? Were you guys yelling at him to step back

trying to get a score, that's all.

Q. Can you just talk about from your
vantage point the missed free throw that they
had in the 1-and-1 in the beginning with you
guys down 2 with 25 seconds left, White was
able to get in and tip that out, just what you
saw on that play.

THE MODERATOR: Who is that for?
Q. Either of them.

ANDREW NICHOLSON: Shot the ball,
had a bad bounce. We didn't really block out well
and got the rebound. Nothing else to say.

Q. You guys had that thrilling win over
Saint Joe's in the first round and the way were
you able to hang on despite some of the things
going on against UMass and the way you beat
Xavier. Did you feel like when were you making
some of these shots at the end of the game
today that this is going to continue to happen
here, we're going to find a way again to be able
to win this game?

into every game, you know, with the mindset of
trying to win. So...

THE MODERATOR: Anyone else?
Q. Just the physical nature of the
game, you did mention, Andrew, they let you
guys play. It was a physical game. Is it the
type of game you wear down, they kind of wore
you down with what you had depth-wise,
especially in the front line?


Q. For either of the student athletes,
when you look back at this game, and I know
you're disappointed right now, what is going to
be your favorite memory of this whole

ANDREW NICHOLSON: I guess making
history at Bonaventure, we won the Atlantic 10
tournament. Made an appearance here. It's a
great environment to be here. It's just part of the
game. You win some, you lose some.

DEMITRIUS CONGER: Even though we
wanted to win the game really badly, just the fact
that we made it to the NCAA Tournament and a lot
of teams don't get to do that, you know, it's going
to be a very good memory when I look back.

THE MODERATOR: Any others? Is that
it? All right. Thank you, Guys. We'll now take
questions for coach. Just raise your hand if you
have a question.

Q. What is it were you hoping to get on
the last possession, obviously? It wasn't a 2, I
don't think.

COACH SCHMIDT: A good shot. We
were trying to -- it was tough to get the ball inbounds.
It was in the corner. They were switching
everything, so we tried to pull the ball out and
trying to get a shot to tie the game up.

Q. Mark, would you have been helped
maybe if you had another timeout left to kind of
set up that last possession, do you think?

COACH SCHMIDT: Yeah. I wish I had
five more timeouts. You always want to have a
timeout if you can, but we didn't.
Q. Is there anything special they did to
keep the ball more out of Andrew's hands in
the second half?

COACH SCHMIDT: They're the fifth best
defensive team in the country. We were right there
with them. There's no negatives about this game.
We lost. But we gave a great performance.
I am so proud of our guys, and there's
some questions about what happened at the end
of the game. We played a heck of a game. I'll
really proud of our guys. And did we make enough
baskets? Absolutely not.
But they're a great team. They won the
ACC tournament. The last time I found out, the
ACC is pretty good, and we played really well and
I'm really proud of what we accomplished.

Q. Mark, I know it's a little tough this
soon after a tough loss to be reflective. In as
many words as you can, how much does that
guy that's sitting right next to you mean to

COACH SCHMIDT: He's everything to
me. He's everything to this university. He's going
to go down as one of the greatest alumnus of this
He brought us back. He brought us back
from the ashes. And without this guy next to me,
I'm not sitting up here. We are not where we are.
The program is back because of Andrew
Nicholson. He's going to go down when I'm dead,
50 years from now, he's going to go down as one
of the greatest student athletes to ever play at St.
Bonaventure, if not the best. Because where we
came from, he took a chance with us and where
we were five years ago, where we were nine years
ago and where we are today, it's him.
I said it before, he may not be as good as
Bob Lanier, but he is our Bob Lanier.

Q. Can you talk a little bit, a lot of
locker room conversations are off limits. What
did you convey to the team after the game?
COACH SCHMIDT: That's between the
team and myself.
Q. Mark, at this point, is it too close to
the end to be able to appreciate fully in your
mind what exactly you guys did over last
couple weeks, also the last couple of months
and certainly over the last couple of years?

COACH SCHMIDT: Whenever you lose,
you're disappointed. You know, what our guys
accomplished -- when we lost -- it's not written a
lot, but when we lost our sixth man one minute into
the first game, we lost our starting two man who is
going to be a thousand point scorer in our seventh
game. People had us dead. Lot of media people
had us dead.
We fought. Our guys came back. We had
great bench play. Our young guys really
developed and, you know, whatever happened in
1970, whatever happened in 1977, when we left
yesterday, two days ago and we had the streets
were lined, there wasn't a better feeling in the

I think we brought pride and spirit back to
our community. We might be the only school in
this country that plays in such a small environment
where basketball is everything and, you know, it
gets people through the wintertime, and you talk to
a lot of people and the Bonnies are back. It's a
great place to live and it's because of what our
players have done.

Q. Schmiddy, just talk about the plays
that White made at the end.

COACH SCHMIDT: We talk about
everything else, but that's the play that won the
game. He hit that 3 and went under on the side of
the rim, didn't go in clean. That's the biggest shot
of the game. You can talk about everything else
but that one slot, that was the difference.