Monday Bills Quotes - Afternoon Practice 8/8

August 8, 2011 Updated Aug 8, 2011 at 8:43 PM EDT

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Monday Bills Quotes - Afternoon Practice 8/8

August 8, 2011 Updated Aug 8, 2011 at 8:43 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY (Bills Release) - Below are quotes from the Buffalo Bills after Monday's practice at training camp:

Coach Chan Gailey

PM Practice – August 8, 2011

On NT Torell Troup leaving practice early:

They said he hurt his hand. They took him in for further evaluation and they never got back to me, but it was bad enough to take him off. We’ll see what happens.

On if LB Chris Kelsay and WR Roscoe Parrish had rest days:

They both are feeling tight. Instead of pushing it right now and since they get a day off tomorrow it’s almost 48 hours before we go again. So we decided to give them the afternoon off so they’ll be ready to go Wednesday.

On if he thought he would begin to see fatigue at this stage of camp:

Yes. I think so. Most camps when you get to practice eight and nine (times), is where it starts to wear on them a little bit. They’ve been running and doing things but they haven’t been carrying that extra weight, so their legs get a little fatigue. It’s mostly 90% lower body.

On the scrums that happened at practice:

It’s part of the game. You’ve got to be smart and not get hurt during that. If you don’t have a little bit of an edge to you, you’ll have a hard time playing this game.

On S Jairus Byrd and his progress from last season:

He probably, early in the year, was still feeling his way through the new defense. He didn’t have a lot of things to build on. He had only one year to put in the bank, so he was probably still feeling his way. But the last half of the season he really came on. It looks like in practice that he picked up right where he left off. I think he’ll go back and have a good year. To have the interceptions that he had in one year, he set a pretty high standard for himself.

On the versatility of the defensive line:

Alex (Carrington) is one of those guys that is really long. He’s a tall guy that has long arms. He can press the guy and push him back into the pocket. He’s got enough speed and quickness to get on the edge. The one thing he and (Torell) Troup have done so much better this year to last year is learn to use their hands. They’ve become much better with their hands this year, and taking on blockers, pass rush and the run game.

On moving Arthur Moats to ILB:

We saw the development of (Danny) Batten, (Antonio) Coleman, and we also got (Shawne) Merriman. You look at the prototypical outside backers; there are not a lot of six footers out there. We felt like his quickness and speed allowed him to be a better inside backer than an outside backer.

On RB Johnny White:

It’s amazing for a guy that played as many different positions as he did in college. He has very good instincts about running, setting up blocks, cut back and all of those little things. He really is a good football player in that respect. He’s got a long way to go, learning the protections. He’s done a good job of running the football when he gets it in his hands.

On his concern of the left tackle position:

We don’t have a lot of depth right now. Ed (Wang) has played none, Cordaro (Howard) played very little last year. So we really don’t have any depth at that position. We’ve got to develop that and that’s what training camp’s about. We would have loved to have more time to do it but you take what you have.

On if he ever had a training camp where he didn’t have to worry about the o-line:

Never. It’s always a work in progress. They are the ones that have to have the most consistency, cohesiveness and communication. They’ve got to be on par everyday with that, or you’re going to be in trouble.

FS Jairus Byrd

PM Practice – August 8, 2011

On if he views last season as a drop off:

In some ways I guess I do. Numbers I guess it is a drop off but I think I learned a lot. I improved in areas of learning the overall defense and being able to play more versatile. I guess by the numbers it was a drop off but I learned a lot from it.

On if there is more to the position than interceptions:

Yes there is a lot more. You have to be able to support the run and be able to play the pass. My goal is to become a complete safety and I think I learned from last year.

On the defensive goal for the team with all the new additions:

I’m excited about it. Anytime you can add people that can add some pressure and help in the run, that’s huge for our defense. Once we stop the run I really believe the sky is the limit for us because we haven’t been able to do that in awhile. But once you do that it opens up so many different things.

On if he thinks the experienced secondary that they have is one of the strengths:

Yeah I think so. We have been together for some time now and we have some experienced guys back there. We are pretty comfortable with each other knowing where we are going to be and it is our second year in Coordinator George Edwards’ system, so I think we are all getting to know each other better.

Wide Receiver Naaman Roosevelt

AM Practice – August 8, 2011

On getting back to football after the long layoff:

It’s exciting to play football again. It has come so fast. I’m excited and I know everybody else is excited. We’re ready to get out and play football.

On his first week in camp:

I feel better in the offense in my second year. I also understand what goes on in training camp and what people expect out of me. I’m not thinking as much as I was last year. I’m coming out here playing football and just playing free.

On adjusting to the way the ball comes out of the different quarterbacks’ hands:

It’s a lot different from Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) to Tyler (Thigpen) to Brad (Smith). They’re all great quarterbacks. Tyler has been with the Chiefs and knows about the offense. He came right along and made the plays he was supposed to make. As the receiver, I just go out there and catch the ball.

On how a quarterback gets used to the receivers:

It’s just understanding how you run routes and what you do to get open. Receivers use different techniques to get open. When Tyler or Fitz is on the sideline and other plays are going on, we talk and see what the quarterback and receivers saw. We are trying to get used to what everybody does. I think we are doing a good job with that.

RB Johnny White

PM Practice – August 8, 2011

On if he expects playing time on Saturday:

Whatever playing time is offered to me I’m ready for it. I know I’m going to be on a lot of special teams but whatever playing time is offered to me at tailback I’ll be happy for it and ready to go.

On how things are going so far in camp:

I think it’s going pretty good. I am finally getting a hang of the playbook and really now I am just focused on the little things and correcting little mistakes.

On what surprised him the most so far in camp:

Probably the playbook. With the lockout it was hard to come in here and learn the playbook in a week or so. What surprised me most is how the coaches broke it down and really took us under their wing and showed us how to get it done.

On if he is getting help from fellow tailback C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson:

Yeah. Simple little things to correct my game and little things that the playbook might not cover. But since they have game experience they can help me out with that, so they have been a big help.

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