Johnson fined for playing "The Joker"

November 24, 2010 Updated Nov 24, 2010 at 7:08 PM EDT

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Johnson fined for playing "The Joker"

November 24, 2010 Updated Nov 24, 2010 at 7:08 PM EDT

Buffalo ( Bills WR Stevie Johnson revealed on Wednesday that he's been fined $5,000 by the NFL for his touchdown celebration against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson pulled up his jersey to reveal the phrase "Why So Serious?" after scoring a third quarter TD against the Bengals. The phrase is taken from the Joker in the "Dark Knight" movie, and was directed at Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals, who call themselves Batman and Robin.

Johnson talked about the fine and more when he met with the Media on Wednesday.

Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Steve Johnson
November 22, 2010

On how he’s liking all of the attention:
This is what comes with the business. You play well and you get some attention you know? So I guess it just comes with it.

On if he’s heard from the league regarding his end zone celebration:
Yeah, I got in trouble, $5,000 worth of trouble.

On if it was worth it:
I don’t regret it. It happened and if it wasn’t going to happen I wouldn’t have caught the ball. It happened and I don’t regret it at all.

On if he doesn’t regret it because it’s his way of expressing himself:
Well yeah, I don’t regret really anything. I’m playing under God so if it happens, it happens like I said so why regret it now? I learned from it and I’ll grow from it so that’s pretty much it.

On if it will discourage future end zone celebrations:
Yeah it does. I’ll just be smarter about it. I didn’t go in expecting to get fined, it was just a fun gesture and I got in trouble for it.

On if he received a lot of calls and texts from friends and family following his breakout performance:
Yeah, what’s a cell phone? I can’t even use my cell phone anymore. There’s too many. I had 189 voicemails, the text messages were ridiculous.

On if he needs to get a private line now:
I have another one. It’s not for that reason though. I’m just getting one because they have the video chat, so me and my wife want to get some different phones for that.

On his wife’s thoughts on the fine:
She was like, ‘You’ve got to stop getting fined baby.’ I tried to sneak it past her, thinking maybe she wouldn’t notice. She was like, ‘Hey did you get in trouble for it?’ I was like, ‘Yeah babe, I got in trouble.’

On her thoughts on the celebration:
She liked it, she thought it was cool. Same thing, she didn’t think I’d get in trouble for it. She thought it was fun and our family is fun just being around. They know there was no ill will or anything. It was just me being me.

On how he found out he was being fined:
I came in ready to work out and I see a FedEx envelope on my stool, so you know what that means.

On if he and Terrell Owens spoke about the celebration following the game:
He didn’t know about it before, but after we spoke about it. He was just laughing like you’re crazy man, you’re crazy. It’s all respect and it’s all love from both of those guys.

On if he agrees with Mr. Wilson’s previous comment that the team’s biggest need is a quarterback:
I love the one that I’ve got. What do they say, ‘Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.’ Fitzpatrick is one of those guys I feel like you can build your team around. Like I said he’s live and everybody’s live when he’s back there. He’s looking at first, second, third, running back options. I feel like he’s one of those quarterbacks that you can build a team around.

On how he has developed such great chemistry with Ryan Fitzpatrick:
Just work. In previous years we worked a lot. As everyone knows we were on scout teams together and I saw how he takes those chances. He’s showing it now on Sundays and like I said, I don’t want to make him look bad at all. I’m trying to do my part and he continues to do his.

On if facing Pittsburgh will bring the Bills back down to Earth:
I mean if you just look at our record that puts us back down to Earth, period. It really doesn’t matter the points we put up but every Sunday is a fight, no matter who you’re playing. It’s going to be another fight. We’ve got the Pittsburgh Steelers defense that’s pretty much one of the top defenses in the league. We’re just going to have to go out and continue what we’ve been doing, not change too much and just keep fighting.

On if he’s trying to stay grounded with all of the recent success:
Most definitely. When I get on the field I’ll still be the same person. It’s not like I’m going to change there. I’m still going to be hungry and really emotional, sometimes that gets me in trouble but I’m always going to stay grounded. I’ve got a great family that keeps me level-headed and takes care of me. It’s easy to be you; it’s hard to be somebody else. I’ll just continue to be myself.

On if he’s tired of being asked to freestyle rap during interviews:
Yeah, I don’t really want to do that freestyle and all of that stuff because I’m in the middle of the season. This is my profession, not making music.

On the holes in his cleats:
Since you want to talk about that, I don’t ever wear brand new cleats because my feet will hurt. I always use other people’s cleats or write things on my cleats. Shout out to Bud the trainer, he takes care of us. He cut the hole in my cleats so it feels comfortable so it makes me make those moves out there. Thanks Bud.

On if he’s looking forward to the day that $5,000 is a much smaller percentage of his salary:
Well I’m not trying to get anymore fines though. No matter what the salary is. I don’t want to get anymore of those. I want to keep my money.

On if he thinks about the Pro Bowl at all:
Well, I see it everywhere so I can’t say I never thought about it, but I still feel like there is a lot more work to do. I’m not number one. If I sit here and say I will go to the Pro Bowl I feel like I’m lying. I don’t think I will go to the Pro Bowl unless I’m number one.

On if it would mean a lot for both him and Ryan Fitzpatrick to go to the Pro Bowl together:
That would be awesome. To have a teammate there with me, one who came from the scout team also and has been a part of the struggle. That would be great, I’d love that. Any Buffalo Bill really.

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