Buffalo Bills Media Transcript for Dec. 28

December 28, 2011 Updated Dec 28, 2011 at 6:26 PM EDT

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Buffalo Bills Media Transcript for Dec. 28

December 28, 2011 Updated Dec 28, 2011 at 6:26 PM EDT

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WKBW release) -- The Buffalo Bills on Wednesday distributed  a media transcript that includes remarks from head coach Chan Gailey, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, wide receiver Stevie Johnson, running back C.J. Spiller, offensive lineman Michael Jasper, safety George Wilson and defensive lineman Marcell Dareus.

The transcript is below:

Head Coach Chan Gailey

On the difference in his team from the first game against New England to this game:

That’s part of football. You deal with it and you try to succeed wherever you are in your life, wherever you are with your team, wherever you are with your season, all of that. You want to succeed.

On what would it mean to sweep the Patriots this season:

It’d be great. The biggest thing about it is we’d finish the season with two wins (against them). And they’re a good football team. If you can beat a good football team then that gives you confidence going into the offseason. There are a lot of positives for winning this game other than just sweeping a team.

On switching guys in and out on the offensive line all year long and still playing at a high level:

I give a lot of credit to Joe D’Alessandris and Bobby Johnson and the way they work with those guys. Those guys spending time learning and getting fundamentally sound in their position. It’s not easy to move people around the way we’ve had to move them around. Fitz does a good job of getting the ball out and that helps a lot, but we’ve been able to run the football consistently no matter who’s been in there and that’s been good.

On his thoughts about how he’s seen rookie NT Marcell Dareus develop this season:

It’s been a great progression for him. He’s really made progress each week. That’s been one of the impressive things is the progress that he’s made each and every week. He’s got a lot to learn yet and I think he can get better. A lot of people think maybe he’s arrived but he hasn’t. I say he’s a still a rookie, I mean if you play in your 16th game you’re not a rookie anymore. He’s still learning. I think he has a chance to be even more dominant as time goes on.

On if he thinks they found a leader in Dareus:

Possibly. That takes time. To find leaders takes time. You can’t just anoint somebody or somebody can’t anoint themselves. Leadership takes time. Time will tell on that but he has the qualities to be that.

On placing K Dave Rayner on IR and signing K Brandon Coutu:

He came up sore again Monday. He’s not sure he can be 100% and you can’t take a chance when you walk out there if it’s one kick and done on a cold day or something like that. You can’t afford to have that so that’s why we had to make the move.

On if he’s amazed at all of what QB Tom Brady can do regardless of who his weapons are:

He is a great quarterback. He’s not a good quarterback, he is a great quarterback. That offensive line plays solid for them all the time. It allows him to stand back there and be very accurate with the ball. He is a great quarterback. I’m sure it’ll go down in history as one of the best of all time.

On what the difference has been in RB C.J. Spiller the past few weeks:

He’s played. Really that’s what it boils down to is he’s played. We said all along we thought he could be a very good player; he just wasn’t getting to play a lot. When you’re a talented guy and you get to play and you start to feel the block and schemes, and you start to gain some patience and some confidence all of a sudden the things that have happened for him happen for guys that are talented, that work at it, that stay the course and don’t get discouraged. He’s got the character to go along with his talent. That’s what allowed him to stay up and going. Then when he got his chance he’s gotten better every week.

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

On having to match points with the Patriots because of their high scoring offense:

When you look at their team, obviously it starts with Tom Brady and all the success that he’s had. They light up the scoreboard. They’re a team that you try to limit their points but you know they’re going to get them. For us it’s going to be about trying to control the ball and trying to keep their offense off the field. Really you’ve got to take advantage of their opportunities whether it’s some stuff we haven’t done well lately, which is staying on the field on third down. We can’t settle for field goals versus these guys. You’ve got to get touchdowns because they score so many points.

On the difference in the roster from the first Patriots game to this one:

In just watching the first game, the differences from what we were like then, who was on the field, the speed we were playing with, all that stuff. It’s so different then now. A lot of that is new guys in new spots and all that, and obviously the situation, our record. Those kinds of things are very different as well. For both teams, they’ve got a lot of different guys out there, too. It’s almost as if you can’t watch that first game and base anything for our game plan on that.

On what a season sweep of the Patriots would mean to the team:

That’d be big for us. That’s the only thing that we basically have going into this game. Obviously they’re going to have more games after this and we’re just kind of the next one up before the real stuff starts for them. For us it would mean to beat them twice. I know that hasn’t been done in a long time, and not just the Bills beating the Patriots but just in general with those guys being beat twice. That’s something that we’re kind of looking at as extra motivation for this game to go out and get him.

On his reaction to the New England defense being ranked 32nd in the NFL:

Sometimes statistics lie. A lot of times they don’t. They’re winning in a lot of games. They’re a team that is always ahead. When you’re ahead people are going to throw on you constantly. They’re going to rack up the yards, whether it’s at the end of a half or at the end of the game. So the stats lie a little bit in that regard. The fact that they’re always up and lot of times up by a lot, so teams are beg forced to throw and they are being forced to play some of the prevent stuff at the end.

On if he’s given any thought that this might be his last game playing with WR Stevie Johnson:

I certainly hope not. I know it’s a business. I have thought about it. He’s been a guy, just kind of our story together and how we’ve grown the last three years together as players. He’s a guy I really have appreciated and I know that he knows that. I hope that he’s back. You never know what’s going to happen but I’m always in his corner.

On the constant shuffle of the offensive line and still being the least sacked QB in the league:

I think that they’ve done a good job all year long. I think that speaks volumes of Joe (D’Alessandris) and what he’s done and coaching them, and making sure there’s always some sort of cohesion with that group. I think communication is a big part of it. They’ve done a really good job all year. The amount of line combinations that we’ve had seems crazy, just shuffling guys in and out. To have two go down last week, the kind of here we go again type thing. The guys that have had to come in and play have stepped up. Colin (Brown) last week, a couple of the snaps early were high or whatever it was but he came in and did a good job, which was nice to see.

On his thoughts about what Owner Ralph Wilson said about the team needing more talent:

That’s what you try to do every year I guess. You try to bring in more talent than you had the year before. I think that we’re on the right track. I think that we’ve done some good things to improve in the last few years. We just hope to continue that.

On if he’s going to try to help Johnson reach 1,000 yards receiving for the second straight season:

That is an important milestone. It’d be great for him to get, for him to do it two years in a row. It’s something that you just hope comes. He’s been very consistent with the way he’s played this year. You hope that he’s going to get it this game. But that’s not really something you go in and say, “Ok, we’re going to get Stevie his 1,000 and then start playing the game.” That’s not how it works. We hope just in going out and playing that he gets it.

On the play of QB Tom Brady and how it doesn’t matter who he has playing receiver:

It’s unbelievable what he’s done with all the changing pieces and parts and guys moving around them. They’ve had linemen banged up this year and shuffled around. He’s an amazing player just in that he has done it with so many different guys and they really are such an explosive offensive team at 12-3 this year, with what they’ve done offensively this year is very impressive.

On if he has ever studied Brady:

No. Maybe I’ll have to this offseason, but no I have not.

WR Stevie Johnson

On the chance to sweep the Patriots:

It’s something to play for besides us being professionals and going out to win either way. The way the season has gone and whether it’s good or it’s bad it’s still another opportunity to show the world that you’re NFL players.

On the opportunity to finish the season on a good note:

Having the opportunity to sweep the New England Patriots doesn’t come (often). To win how we did earlier against these guys we’re not expecting it to be an easy game at all.  It went down to the wire and maybe it’ll go like that again. But just having this opportunity to do this is something that’s good for Buffalo.

On setting some personal records and goals and the chance to become the first player in team history to reach 1,000 receiving yards in back-to-back seasons:

Whether I was coming close to a record or not I’d probably say something like that anyway because just the mentality of wanting to win and wanting to put on for the Bills. But with record coming it’s just dedication.  It was a lot of work put into it and to get it would be great. And if not ill be disappointed but for the most part I’m just trying to get a win.

On battling injuries and still having the chance to set a team mark:

That’ll be something to just talk about with friends. But besides that we still didn’t get to the playoffs so it’s really nothing to brag or boast about. But when you’re talking with friends sitting down at the house you know you could say that like, “Oh I did this when I was injured the whole time,” or what not.

On this possibly being his last game in a Bills uniform:

Since last week playing at the Ralph I thought about it.  Walking on the field, walking off the field, looking around and looking at the crowd was kind of crazy because it seemed  like four years went by pretty fast me, playing really only two years of it.  But just how being in the city and they’ve adopted me I thought about it.  I don’t think I’ll be somewhere else next year. I’m still pretty sure that I’ll be here next year. But if not it’s a pretty crazy feeling.

On what makes him ‘pretty sure’ he’ll be back next year:

I don’t know. I just feel like being here four years and with the coaches that I have here and with the players, with Fitz signing his deal you would think you would like to have the one-two punch. When Fitz came on, I came on so you would think they’ll keep us together.

On being encouraged by anything the front office has sent his way:

No, I haven’t been in. It’s just my own thoughts, that’s it.

On if this is the place he wants to be next year:

Yeah, most definitely because you never know what it’s going to be like on another team or another area.  So this is where I feel comfortable at.

On this offensive style fitting him well:

Yeah, basically.

On how the offense fits him well:

Just the versatility as far as running routes and the chemistry with the quarterbacks. You can go to personal things, too. But that doesn’t play anything on the field.

On having to score a lot of points this week against the Patriots:

As an offense you feel like you have to score a lot of points, but we all know defenses go win the game.  If our defense plays well like they did last week it’s easy for an offense to move the ball, have all those possessions and having better chances of winning the game. So it doesn’t matter how many points we put up because that’s a deep team over there on ‘O’. But if our defense shows up I think the offense will play well.

RB C.J. Spiller

On the chance to sweep New England this season:

It definitely will, but I don’t think anybody is really worried about that.  I think we are just going to try to prepare the best way we can and try to go out there Sunday and get the win.  It would be great to get the sweep but I don’t think that should be the main focus.  I think the main focus should be preparing our best ball and then going up there on Sunday and playing the best that we have played all year.

On being encouraged watching the film from Week Three:

We definitely are. We were able to move the ball on a good team, so it’s going to be something totally different.  Those guys are very familiar. They’re going to go back and look at the film and see what we do good and Belichick always does a great job of trying to take that away from us.  Like I said, we have to have our best week of preparation and then Sunday be ready to make adjustments for anything new that they throw out there.

On the Patriots adjusting to facing him and not Fred Jackson:

Yeah, I guess you can. But those guys, they’ll be very familiar.  Of course they’ll know that I’m a speed guy so they’re going to probably do all they can to keep me boxed in.  Like I said, just have to get a feel throughout the game of how they’re playing and not force anything. Just take what they give me and just try to keep the chains moving.

On running better inside the tackles:

Exactly, and you know a lot of people think we do a lot of outside zones and we really don’t.  Most of our stuff is inside, so you know it’s definitely encouraging from the guys up front that did a great job Saturday and hopefully we can build off that.  Of course we know there will be something totally different.  These guys have big guys up front and like I said we just have to prepare well.

OL Michael Jasper

On the journey from college to the NFL:

It’s been a heck of a ride. It’s been a learning experience everyday just really trying to hone in on technique and becoming a better football player.  At the end of the day it’s still football. I’ve been playing since I was five years old so it’s better speed and adjusting to great athletes and great . You know everybody’s good on this level so it’s been a great experience.

On switching from defensive line to offensive line:

It’s been trying, but like I said it’s a great experience and I’m enjoying the ride.  We have great, great teammates and a great staff here that’s really helped me and pushed me along the way.

On how he felt being promoted to the 53-man roster:

It was a blessing.  It’s another opportunity in this journey I’ve been on and I hate the circumstances. We’re a tight knit group on the offensive line and I hate to see any of my friends go down. But I’m ready to step up and fill the holes if need be.

On having butterflies on game day:

I would be lying to you if I said there wouldn’t be butterflies. It’s the National Football League and its Sundays. It’s not the preseason. This is going to be live bullets flying out there.  I’ll have a little bit of jitters but when I step on the field it’s the same game I’ve been playing all my life.

LB Chris Kelsay

On trying to beat New England on the road and sweep the season series:

I think it’s huge.  I think we can go into the offseason on a positive note and really have something to look forward to next season. But anytime you can win a game, especially against the Patriots, regardless of your record, it’s a big step for your football team.

On the challenges TE Rob Gronkowski presents:

The kid’s a great player.  He does it all. He’s a great blocker, great receiving tight end, yards after the catch and he’s tough to bring down. He’s a very good young talent as I mentioned.  We definitely have to know where he’s at on every play, how they use him and do our best to at least slow him down.

On the Patriots using their tight ends to stretch the field:

They do a great job in their personnel with two tight ends on the field.  (Aaron) Hernandez is primarily a receiving tight end, Gronkowski does it all. Anytime you have two young guys like that that play with a chip on their shoulder and expect to win it poses problems for defenses and you’ve seen that throughout the year.  We played them the first time and Hernandez was hurt. He didn’t play so it’ll be a little bit different offense for us to prepare for. But at the same time we’ve seen him work throughout the season and know what he can do.  They’re definitely two great threats on offense for New England.

On Patriots QB Tom Brady being on the edge of setting some records:

We just want to win.  It doesn’t matter what they’re playing for.  We know that they’re going to the postseason and we are not. But it’s a division game and you can throw the records out as far as we’re concerned.  We’re going to go out and play as hard as we can and hopefully finish the season off on a high note like we have alluded to earlier.

SS George Wilson

On building confidence last week:

It definitely felt good to get multiple turnovers in last week’s game.  We were rewarded for a lot of our hard work and film study and preparation.  We have to just go out and execute consistently like we did a week ago so that we can put ourselves in a position to have the same success.

On replicating the first match-up where Tom Brady made mistakes:

You have to just line up and play the proper leverage, don’t try to do more than what is asked of you on the defensive calls and just make a play on the ball when you have an opportunity too.

On the rivalry with New England:

I don’t like anybody we go up against regardless who it is.  You know these guys are familiar opponents with this being in the same division but no I don’t dislike any team more than the others.

On confidence rolling over to next year:

Yeah, just trying to end the season on a positive note.  You hear the saying that you’re only as good as your last performance and to be able to have the opportunity to end the season on a winning note and also to have an opportunity to win both games against the Patriots can certainly give you confidence and to help to set the tone as you go on to the offseason program.

On how meaningful it would be to sweep the Patriots:

It would certainly feel good. But at the end of the day they’re going to the playoffs and we’re going home after the game on Sunday.  So, it’s still something and a goal that we can work towards and just continue to give us confidence as we move forward.

DE/NT Marcell Dareus

On doing everything he thought he could do this year:

I’ve done everything in my power to do the best I could.  I’ll put it like that.

On if he sees a Pro Bowl in his future:

Of course. Of course there will be a Pro Bowl in my future.  Hopefully next year. I’m going to go to in the offseason and work my butt off and get better at things I lacked this year. I promise you it’ll pan out the way I want it to next year.  If it doesn’t there’s always the year after that.

On what he has to work on over the offseason:

Me personally, I want to last more and I want to have more later on in the game.  I feel like I have a good amount. I feel like I play real good later on in the game but I feel like in the offseason I can train harder so I can have more of what I have in the full game, in the fourth quarter and I’ll build on that.

On having a full offseason coming up with strength and conditioning coaches Eric Ciano and John Gamble:

(Eric) Ciano and (John) Gamble aren’t any joke. They’re going to… They got my weight down so I’d be able to play this year and just imagine the offseason what they’re going to do for me.  I can’t wait. We are going to do a lot of different things and really be into it.

On summing up his first NFL season:

I mean you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nothing’s just going to change overnight.  We started better and we looked better as a team. And our main focus is to come in and change identity and do the best we can with the teams. We can be more of just gelling together, being on the field playing fast and now my main focus on getting my rookie class on the same page I’m on.  So I feel like I’ve done that. We’ve got our rookies playing, most of them are playing and we’re contributing to the team. We’re going to do more next year.  We’re going to try and turn this team around slowly but surely.

On being a close-knit rookie class:

My rookie class, we’re real tight. But we’re also real close with the whole team of course.  It’s not just us but we kind of put it on ourselves to help turn this team around. The best way to do that is to stick together, grind it out and make sure you’re right there with a veteran and right there in the weight room making sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.

On if he his most memorable game this year was vs. Washington:

I look at that game (Redskins) as luck.  Kyle Williams left and didn’t give me too much of nose (experience).  He gave me a lot of three-technique and showed me what to do and where to set on linemen. But the nose guard position he kind of felt like he was going to be here the whole year and he really didn’t help me out too much with that. But I went into that game blindfolded going through our plays and things just fell for me.  I look at it as luck. But other than that, that was a peak game for us.

On coming from a winning program at Alabama and having a losing season in his first NFL season:

(Vince) Lombardi said, “Winning is a habit.”  If you’re going to find one way to win, if you’re going to be on, if I’m only going to win against the o-linemen the whole game or if I’m going to win on dominating the offensive front or any kind of way I’m going to try and find a way to win.  As the team goes, we’re going to do the best we can to turn this thing around and get a winning season in here. But other than that you have to find some kind of way to win. 

On losing being a habit for this organization and not for the rookie class coming from big colleges:

We aren’t used to losing so we’re going to come in and try to do the best we can. That’s all we can do.  We’ll see it next year.

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