Bills transcripts - 8/2 PM Practice

August 2, 2011 Updated Aug 2, 2011 at 8:30 PM EDT

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Bills transcripts - 8/2 PM Practice

August 2, 2011 Updated Aug 2, 2011 at 8:30 PM EDT

Pittsford - The Bills wrapped up another day of training camp on Tuesday. Players have Wednesday off. The First preseason game is scheduled for a week from this Saturday in Chicago. Here are the transcripts of interviews following Tuesday's PM practice.

Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Practice- August 2, 2011

On Domonic Cook’s injury:

It’s not good for him. It’s quite a while actually, at least a month. They didn’t tell me if surgery was going to be necessary or not.

On Shawn Nelson:

He tweaked himself there at the end. He met with the training staff and said it was minor. Fifty hours before we practice again almost gives him a good chance to get ready.

On getting all players on the field on Thursday:

Obviously I’m looking forward to that; I think our whole team is looking forward to that. Getting everyone on the field and allowing us to have a full complement of players and there’s quite a few of that group that we expect to be on the field this year.

On having Talley here for the week:

Darryl and I talked during the offseason and he’s thinking about maybe getting into coaching so I said, “come up and take a look, hang around the coaches, go to meetings, get a feel for it.” So it’s great to have him around because of who he was and what he wants to pursue, possibly.

On what Wannstedt brings to the staff and team:

(He brings) An awful lot of knowledge and experience. He is someone that I can get together with and bounce thoughts off of. He comes to me and makes suggestions that are good. We’ve got a very good relationship so I think it’s a win –win for a football team.

On Lee Evans:

We’ve got to get him to become a better underneath receiver. We got to give him things that he can do, let him work on those things that make him better as a short receiver. We know he’s got the deep threat, we know he’s always had that and we got to help him get better in the intermediate and short areas.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

PM Practice – August 2, 2011

On WR Lee Evans bouncing back this season:

I think the emergence of Stevie (Johnson) and a healthy Roscoe (Parrish) for 16 games will really help. We need to find ways to get him more involved with the offense. Sometimes when they’re double-teaming you just have to throw elsewhere and that’s what happened at the beginning of the year. That’s why Stevie came on like he did, but Lee is going to be our playmaker. Lee is the guy that’s going to make the plays down the field. We just have to keep throwing him the ball in practice, keep working on him and hit the big ones in the game with him.

On Evans being the number one receiver:

In terms of leadership in the room, he is certainly the number one guy. Everyone looks to him. The way that I look at it, our top three guys are probably as dynamic as any unit in the league. Not only do they play well, but they also play different styles and do different things. All three of those guys, with the addition of the younger guys we have coming in, are going to be pretty good if they stay healthy.

On Stevie Johnson’s play in training camp:

Stevie’s focus is even bigger. It’s even more intense. That’s going to do nothing but big things for him. He was always a guy that did well in one-on-ones and practice, but no one noticed it since he wasn’t doing it on Sundays because he didn’t have the opportunities. By getting the opportunity to play, people are starting to notice the way he works in practice and the things he does more. It really hasn’t changed much, except he’s more focused this year. A more focused Stevie is going to do big things this year.

On C.J. Spiller’s 2010 season and the expectations on him as a rookie:

He had some good runs in the preseason and some big plays. I think people expected him to come in and do exactly what he did at Clemson, which was probably unfair. There are not many people that can come in their rookie year and just dominate the NFL. He showed glimpses. He’s going to be a big impact player this year. He is more confident and calmer. He has already been through a training camp. Everything thrown at him now is not so new. Now, he has had the chance to digest everything. He looks more relaxed out here right now. You can see it in the way he is running. He is being patient and finding holes. You get him in the open field and he is going to make big plays.

On the screen game:

It slows down the rush a little bit. We are in the position right now where we have a lot of playmakers and a lot of guys who want touches. In order to get touches for those guys, we need to make quicker throws, get it out and see what they can do with it. We have four or five guys who we think we can get involved in the screen game other than the running backs.

Wide Receiver Stevie Johnson

PM Practice – August 2, 2011

On how far ahead the offense is right now than at this point last year:

We feel good because we are a year into the playbook, but at the same time everyone feels good right now. We’re back out playing football, so everyone is having a great time right now and learning the playbook.

On building off his success from last season:

I just need to show what I did last year. I need to work off of that, play to my ability everyday and not take days off.

On what different there might be with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick being in the driver’s seat from the get go this year:

We’ll see. We haven’t played any games and we’ve only had three practices. We’ll see what happens with Fitz starting from day one.

On the depth of the receiving core:

The receivers we have here are good. They’re ballers. The guys that came in last year that were undrafted played well. Kamar Aiken has shown he has natural ability. There is competition everywhere. That is just going to make the team better.

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