Bills Transcripts 8-4 AM Practice

August 4, 2011 Updated Aug 4, 2011 at 12:21 PM EDT

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Bills Transcripts 8-4 AM Practice

August 4, 2011 Updated Aug 4, 2011 at 12:21 PM EDT

Linebacker Nick Barnett

AM Walk-Thru – August 4, 2011

On not being able to practice until the CBA is ratified:

I don't know the logistics of everything right now, but I was informed we can’t practice until it’s ratified. Obviously, it hasn’t been ratified, so hopefully it’s done before the day is over. I’m hoping to get on the field and get to work.

On containing himself when he hasn’t been able to practice:

I’m definitely excited to go out there. It will all come. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. I’m just waiting to get out there. I’m excited and it’s going to be fun. I know the defense enough, but I can’t know it more until I get out on the field because that’s when I can really get it into my body at the same time as my mind.

On what he picked up watching today’s practice:

Most of the stuff we talked about was about; the scheme and the terminology. We’re just trying to get used to making different calls and reacting to different plays. It’s pretty similar to what we did in Green Bay, but there are a few little things that are different, such as proximity to receivers.

On getting back onto the field:

I had the luxury of going to the meetings, getting the playbook and studying it. I should be able to get right on top of it, but it’s a whole different situation when you’re on the field. It’s a different monster.

QB Brad Smith

On tonight’s practice:

I’ve never been this excited for a practice so I just can’t wait. Being out here with this hard working group of guys and I’m just excited to try and bring something to the table for them.

On how difficult it is to be at practice but not being able to participate:

It’s awful. You look from the outside in its like you get to rest but at the same time being new in this system and new around these guys you want to be out there fighting with them every single day. It’s working out the way it is supposed to and I can’t wait for tonight.

On what position he will be primarily working:

I think I’ll start off with mostly quarterback stuff but I’m going to run some routes and return kicks on special teams. I think the quarterback stuff so I can grab the entirety of the offense with protections. I think it’s a great plan by coach Gailey.

On if he sees himself being on the field a lot:

I hope so. I’m the type of guy that tries to earn everything and that’s the way I’m approaching it. You don’t have to give me a thing. I’m out there to work hard and help this football team.

On what went into his decision to come to Buffalo:

Coach Gailey was the biggest thing. I talked to him on the phone and his passion for this team and his vision of where he wanted it to go was great and I just wanted to be a part of it.

On leaving a good Jets team to come to the ultimate underdog team in the Bills:

I love it. That’s how I am. I come from a place where everyone tells me I can’t do something, you’re not good enough and you don’t fit in here. I think we have a group of guys who feel that way, too. Maybe not the most respected group of guys because of whatever reason and I think we are so talented right now that we are going to prove a lot of people wrong.

On the division itself:

It’s tough but you wouldn’t want it to be any other way. You don’t want to be in a weak division either. It’s going to bring out the best in us. The Jets have a tremendous football team and the Patriots and Dolphins are coming along. I look at the roster and I see just as much talent as those teams. It’s not really about who you have; it’s what you do with what you have.

On what he saw from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick last year while being on the Jets:

Against the Jets he was scrambling around, making plays and he was gritty. He just wanted to win. When I came here, of course he’s very book smart but on the field he is incredibly under control, knows where he is going with the football and knows what everyone is doing. These last couple of days I have picked up a lot from him.

On if he is going to play any defense:

I’ll do whatever. I just want to win. I only came here for one reason and that is to get to the Super Bowl and win. If we are not playing for that reason then we shouldn’t be playing.

Cornerback Drayton Florence

On what he’s been doing since he can’t practice:

Personally, I haven’t done anything, but watch and observe. The guys have looked pretty good. Everyone seems to be in shape. The guys took care of themselves in the offseason. Hopefully we can get into the swing of things, be ready for that preseason game and fine-tune the things we need to before we open up in Kansas City.

On how he felt knowing the Bills wanted him back:

When free agency roles around, everybody wants to get a deal done. This year, we didn’t have a lot of time to go back and forth. The Bills stepped up and had a good offer. I had discussions with Buddy Nix and some of the coaches. It was just the right fit. I’m happy to be back and get back out on the field.

On the secondary being a strength this season:

I think we’ve been the strength of the defense here for a few years. Hopefully we can incorporate the defensive line, the linebackers and the secondary to have a solid defense, not only in pass coverage, but also in run coverage. We are working on having a solid overall defense.

On not being able to practice:

It’s very frustrating to see the guys going out and having fun. At the same time, I’m a veteran, so I take advantage of the time I have off by getting rest and proper hydration. I’m ready to get out there and battle with the guys that I’m going to be playing with the whole season.

Quarterback Tyler Thigpen

On watching, but not being able to take part in practice:

It’s definitely hard not being able to put a jersey on with the guys. I’m excited to get out there today. Hopefully, they’ll get everything finalized today and we’ll get to work.

On QB Ryan Fitzpatrick being helpful:
He is helpful. He’s a great guy. I’ve known him for about three years. We played against each other when he was in Cincinnati and the last two years he has been here. He’s a great professional and has been helpful to me since we’ve been here. I’m excited to go out there and work with the guys.

On what he picked up watching today’s practice:

I’m very comfortable. I’m ready to go out there, get some reps and get more comfortable with the offense. I can sit here and draw every single play on the board, but when I get out there in the fire, I have to be able to make the calls and the throws and get the timing down with the receivers again.

On being anxious to take reps:

I’m definitely anxious. It’s been nice to get the mental reps before I have to go out on the first day and get into it. I’ve definitely become a lot more comfortable by getting the mental reps in the classroom and learning all the different things that I wouldn’t have been able to pick up from the start.

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