Bills Training Camp Quotes - Day #8

August 5, 2010 Updated Aug 5, 2010 at 8:37 PM EDT

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Bills Training Camp Quotes - Day #8

August 5, 2010 Updated Aug 5, 2010 at 8:37 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY (Bills/WKBW) - Below are quotes from the Buffalo Bills following Thursday's practice at training camp:

LB Paul Posluszny
Practice – August 5, 2010

On how he’s feeling:

I’m feeling a lot better. I’m getting closer and closer every day. Each day I start to do more and more so I’m starting to do some stuff on the field and some conditioning. Hopefully I can get back into it sometime in the next couple weeks.

On when his surgery took place:

It was three weeks ago yesterday.

On if he’s pushing it too hard:

It was such a minor deal that it was just a small thing that we wanted to clean up. It wasn’t anything real severe where I knew I would miss a lot of time. But we’re progressing well and I’m healing up fast. Like I said, it was just a minor thing so I should be ready in a short amount of time.

On if the mental reps have helped:

They’re huge. Even though we went through everything in the OTAs and all that, the more you see it, the better you get at it. Obviously, you’d rather be out on the field to get more out of it being on the field and actually going through it live. But, standing and watching and making all the calls to myself in my head and going through it with the other guys on the sideline is the next best thing.

On if being a veteran helps with missing time in training camp:

I think I’d much rather be out there getting live reps. But I think in the grand scheme of things, when we’re ready for opening day, if I miss a week or two weeks of training camp, I don’t think that’s going to affect me. I think as long as I’m completely healthy and I’m mentally prepared for opening day, that’s the most important thing.

On what he does when he watches film of plays he’s not a part of:

In the meetings when we’re watching the film and regardless of who’s on the field, we’re talking all of the time. The linebackers are talking amongst ourselves, what we see and what was going on in our heads. Even though I’m not out with those guys, when you have Andra Davis telling you what he saw and why he made certain calls, that helps out a lot because you get that veteran knowledge even though you’re not taking the live reps.

On his recovery:

It’s coming along good. I feel really good but we’re going to take it slow, no reason to rush just yet. So we’re going to take it slow but I feel really good. I’m starting to get everything back where I’m moving close to 100-percent. Hopefully it’s just another week or two and I’ll be back out there.

On if he’s pain-free right now:

Oh yeah. Everything is good right now. Like I said, they just want more time to be absolutely sure.

WR Chad Jackson
Practice – August 5, 2010

On how his legs feel after a week of training camp:

My legs feel pretty good right now. They feel better than I thought they would be. They’re not as sore but they are heavy.

On taking reps with different quarterbacks:

Right now all the receivers are rotating. The ones, the twos and threes and we’re all getting reps and they (the quarterbacks) are getting reps. We’re just getting a feel for each quarterback. The quarterbacks are making their reads and they’re looking pretty good. We make mistakes and they make mistakes, so at the same time we’re all trying to come together.

On getting a lot of reps in the three and four receiver sets:

Yeah those are the ones I’m looking for. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and keep working hard and showing the coaches I can go out there and run with them.

On playing with physical corners:

We have physical corners. And when they get in our face, are pressing us and they’re putting their hands on us, we’re putting our hands on them also.

On if he was drawn to the wide-open WR competition on the team:

I think so. The spot is wide open and I’m trying to get one of those spots. I’m just working hard and going through my playbook, going over plays and trying to get in sync with the quarterbacks.

Head Coach Chan Gailey
Practice – August 5, 2010

On his approval of the grass field conditions after the rain:

I went out there and walked around on them. There weren’t any puddles and it was hot and steamy. I figured it’d be better to be over there than on the turf.

On NT Kyle Williams leaving practice early:

They just took him off as a precaution. They’re checking on him to make sure nothing’s really wrong. It was one of those where he got banged a little bit and we'll see what turns up with it. But I don’t think it was anything bad at all.

On T Cornell Green having the day off:

Yeah, rest day.

On TE Derek Schouman not participating in practice:

Derek’s got a little bit of an issue that we’ve been dealing with since almost the first day of camp and we just gave him a rest day today to see if he could get back.

On whether there will be a change in his approach to having RG Eric Wood practice only every other day:

No, we’re continuing to give him rest. He’s a guy that’s pushed hard to get to where he is and we want to be smart about how we handle that.

On WR David Nelson’s health:

David’s going to be out awhile. He pulled and he’s going to be out a while.

On whether Nelson hurt his hamstring:

I think that’s what it was, but I’m not sure to be honest with you.

On the growing number of player injuries:

It always grows this time of training camp. That’s part of it. You deal with it and you go on with it. We obviously have to cut some reps. That’s part of camp. You just cut the reps and the guys work that can, get work. You can’t control all of that. I mean, you could come out and walk through every day, but you wouldn’t get anything done. It’s a tough game for tough people.

On S Donte Whitner’s aggressiveness in practice:

He’s got that little edge about him that you hope every one of your defensive players [has]. That bodes well for our defense as a whole, in my opinion.

On smiling at the mention of Whitner’s name.

Well, I smile at the hits, not the names.

On his expectations for LB Chris Ellis:

I’ll tell you what, he may be one of the guys that’s made some of the biggest improvements from the first OTA that he went through to this point in camp. He’s made a lot of progress. He’d never done this, he looked awful when he started and the guy can go on the field and play right now. He’s improved tremendously. I’ve been very impressed with Chris Ellis.

On the secondary:

If you looked at it from strictly paper, going into the season, you’d say that was the strength of your team. And I don’t think that there’s been anything in camp thus far that would change your opinion of that. They’re a very strong group, they communicate well and there’s a great deal of continuity back there. I feel like that’s a very strong area for us right now on our football team.

On having Special Teams Coordinator Bruce DeHaven back in Buffalo:

Well, it’s not back for me, it’s new for me. Everybody that I talked to was right. He knows what he’s doing, he’s well organized, he understands the fundamentals of the game and that’s what we’re trying to teach. We’re trying to teach fundamentals. We do more fundamental work in special teams than any group I’ve ever been around and that’s a tribute to him and Stan Kwan and what they’re trying to get done.

On the offense’s improvement over last night:

We came back out with a little bit better sense of purpose on the offensive side and did some better things out there. We have to continue to work, but more importantly we have to continue to compete. And if you come back out and compete, then you have a chance to be a champion eventually.

On how many weeks T Ed Wang will be out due to injury:

It depends on how quickly things heal. I would say the best we’re talking about is four and the worst we’re talking about is eight (weeks). But don’t hold me to either one of those, okay? (jokingly)

On whether Wang’s surgery was successful:

Yeah, everything went well.

On CB Drayton Florence and CB Leodis McKelvin:

I think in everybody’s mind, we’ve got two starters. That’s how we see it. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know from one day to the next who runs out there with the first group and who doesn’t. They’re both really, really good football players and they’re both going to play a bunch. You’re in so much nickel in this, the way the game is today, that they’re both going to be on the field a ton.

On LB Reggie Torbor:

He’s played in this game. He is a very intelligent football player. He’s a tough guy which is what you always want, a good athlete. But he coaches. He’s a coach on the field, almost. He knows what we’re trying to get done and that’s been a real plus for our football team.

On his past experience with and affinity for LB Michael Matthews:

I have an affinity for anybody that plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Where they played and who they played for doesn’t matter once they get here.

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