Bills Quotes - Tuesday August 24

August 24, 2010 Updated Aug 24, 2010 at 1:59 PM EDT

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Bills Quotes - Tuesday August 24

August 24, 2010 Updated Aug 24, 2010 at 1:59 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY (WKBW) - Comments from the Buffalo Bills folling practice Tuesday:

Head Coach Chan Gailey
Practice – August 24, 2010

On his overall feelings on camp:

The guys worked hard. I told them I thought we worked hard, I’m not sure we worked smart everyday, but we worked hard everyday. We’ve got to learn to work both ways. We’ve got to mentally be sharp every day. I thought we got lax a little bit, but overall it was a good camp.

On whether the sharpness improved as camp went on:

No, it got sloppier, and that’s what makes me madder.

On his comment to a small group (approximately four) after practice:

I just was explaining to them why the players wouldn’t be over there to sign some autographs for them.

On his reason for telling the players not to sign autographs for them:

They said some things during practice that were derogatory to a couple of our players, and if you say something derogatory to one of us, you’re saying it to all of us. So I told them don’t go sign it for that crew.

On how he feels the fans have been throughout camp overall:

The fans have been great overall. They really have. That’s what this game’s about. It’s for the fans. We’re trying to play the game so that we get people excited and enthusiastic about pulling for their team, and their team’s the Buffalo Bills. That’s what it’s about. That’s a big part of what we’re trying to get done, is being successful for the fans.

On whether he was glad the offense scored a touchdown on the last play of practice:

If we had scored every other time and hadn’t scored that time, I wouldn’t be [mad], I’d be happy for the defense. As a coach, you’re [thinking], why did the defense let him in? But you can’t ever be happy as a head coach walking off the field.

On WR Donald Jones not practicing:

Personal situation.

On the WR corps as a whole:

I thought we had improvement. We are mentally not where we need to be with that crew, but physically there’s some palate in that group. We’ve got to continue to work with them to get them exactly where we need them to be down in and down out. I’m pleased with where we can be. We’re not there yet.

On whether he was comfortable with WR Roscoe Parrish’s progression throughout camp:

I’m very [comfortable]. I’m excited. I’m not just comfortable, I’m excited about Roscoe Parrish and what he’s going to bring to our football team this year.

On whether he thinks there will be particular ways to get Parrish more involved in the offense this year:

Sure, yeah. We’re going to work to try to make sure he’s a major part of this offense.

On whether there were pleasant surprises in camp, such as the performances of WR Chad Jackson and WR David Nelson:

Yeah, there were several. David Nelson was a pleasant surprise you mentioned, as [one] of the two you mentioned. Even Naaman Roosevelt went out and did some things that were good during all of camp. We’ve got some good players to work with. We’ve got to develop them.

On whether decisions will be tough with the WR receiver group:

Decisions are going to be tough a lot of places. There’s some places walking out of this camp that are pretty much locked up. But the backups, there are some great fights for those spots.

On whether it’s easier to practice in Buffalo without the crowd:

I don’t ascribe to that. I think sometimes at home, especially those guys that are married, they’re changing diapers at night, so there’s a lot of distraction in that respect too. Guys kind of want to go out at night, and that’s kind of a distraction. I think being here [at St. John Fisher College] and having it at a place like this is a pretty good situation to keep their full attention for the whole time you’re here.

On whether QB Trent Edwards got better throughout camp:

He got better. All of [the quarterbacks] got better, even down to Levi [Brown]. Levi got better. If you can practice this long and not get better, something’s wrong with you. So I feel like that we got better with all four of them, and they all made solid strides.

On whether he thinks he would have been better off not making comments to the fans in the long run:

No. In my opinion, if you do something you tell people why. When we make a decision with our football team, I tell them why. I told [the team] why we weren’t going to [sign autographs], and I told [the fans] why we weren’t going over there.

On whether injuries were the only downer of camp:

Yeah, it would be. We did have a lot of bumps and bruises. Fortunately, I think there was only one major injury out of the whole thing, maybe two that kept people out. I hate it for [WR Marcus] Easley and [LB Danny] Batten. Those are the two that probably were a little bit more long-term. We would have liked to have gotten a better look at those guys. But the good thing is, they weren’t major. But it was an opportunity for some of those other guys to get a lot of work.

On NT Kyle Williams not being able to go for the full practice today:

Yeah, he’s still banged up a little bit. We’re just being precautious. I think he’ll be able to be back tomorrow night ready to go.

Practice – August 24, 2010

On if he’s glad to be done with training camp:

Yeah, I feel like this is the hardest part of a football players’ career, is going through training camp. Obviously, with Chan [Gailey] we’re putting the pads on, practicing pretty hard every day. I’m excited to get home and get in my own bed, but I love St. John Fisher. Everyone here has been great. I love the Rochester area. We’re excited for a good season here and I felt that training camp went really well.

On if he feels like he has done enough to widen the gap between the starting QB and the back-up:

I don’t know if that’s my question to answer. If you talk to Chan, he can answer that question better. I’m just out here trying to get better each day. It really doesn’t matter if I widen it, or shorten it, whatever you want to call it. I’m here trying to get better, trying to make my team better, trying to make the coaches, players and everyone around me better. That’s been my approach and I’m not really too concerned with that.

On if he feels like he’s better now than the start of camp:

I do. I feel more comfortable in the huddle. I feel more comfortable with the guys around me. There are plays that Chan calls that we’ve ran before and we’ve talked about. Early on in the preseason and in training camp, you’re hearing calls for the first time. Now that we’ve gotten through it a couple of times, it’s nice that you’re getting in rhythm with guys. I really feel like we’re progressing in the right direction.

On if he’s excited about the opportunity that WR Roscoe Parrish has in this new offense:

I’m very excited. I’m very excited for Roscoe. I think he’s very excited and I feel like we’re putting him in good spots to win. You guys have watched as much as I have. He’s been in spots in the slot and there are not a lot of people that can cover him. We just need to do a good job of protecting and I’ve got to be accurate with the football, and he’s got to catch the football. He’s a big weapon for our offense and I know Chan wants to use him.

On the wide receiving corps as a whole:

I’ve been really pleased with those guys. We’ve had a couple of guys dinged up. I know James [Hardy] and David [Nelson] got dinged up – Marcus [Easley] got dinged up early, but I think it’s been a healthy competition. I feel like every position has been that way. That’s what Chan wants. It’s made me and my position better, and it’s made those guys and their position better that they’re coming out here competing every day. I think that’s the atmosphere that Chan wants.

On the decision to chose the wide receiver depth chart:

It’s difficult. I probably wouldn’t want to be that guy making those decisions. I’m here to deliver the football and play quarterback. I’m not here to make roster decisions, but any of those guys, if they’re here or not they’re going to be good football players. Hopefully all of them will be, but if not, we’ll see what happens.

On if he’s a big fan of the wildcat formation:

I was telling C.J. [Spiller] that if he goes down I might be the back-up in the wildcat. So, I was messing with him that he better not get hurt, but it’s another weapon we can use. It’s another creative scheme that Chan has and that’s a credit to him. If you look at his offenses, they’re very diverse. They’re getting the ball out, they’re moving the football and that’s just another weapon that we have. We can put C.J. in the backfield, direct snap to him and put a lot of pressure on the defense.

On his thoughts on WR Steve Johnson:

He’s a guy that’s really shifty. He moves well. He’s very tough to cover, especially in press coverage. My comfort level is growing each day with him. The more I’m around him, the more I see him run routes, the more I throw to him – all the completions, all the incompletions – it’s still being logged in my memory bank. It’s my job to read him and get to know him better, and deliver the football. In years past, [the other teams] doubled Lee [Evans]. We’re going to get a lot of cover two and the boundary to him, and we’re going to need our ‘Z’ receiver to get open. That’s Steve’s job. He’s done a great job so far and he’ll continue to do that.

On the two-minute segment of today’s practice:

I thought we were having a decent practice, at best, leading up to that. You always want to score. We had a minute and 20 seconds left [with] two timeouts. We’ve had a couple had a couple of bad two minute drives lately. I didn’t know if my number was going to be called or not. I was hoping I was the quarterback that was going in there. [Coach] said the ones were up and that was the situation. He called some plays and [we] completed some passes and a couple of timeouts to burn. Chan made a great call at the end there and Chad [Jackson] slipped behind, I think it was Bryan Scott, and I just put it over the top and scored a touchdown. It’s definitely encouraging and exciting going out on that note. I’m sure the defense didn’t want us to score, but I’m glad we got the better of them today.

On the offense being sloppy at times in practice:

There were a couple of little things that you wouldn’t notice unless you’re in the meetings and know the little intricacies of our offense. There’s some formation mistakes, some read mistakes, some dropped passes – just a lot of little sloppy things – but we came back in that two-minute [segment]. I’m a glass half-full guy, and everyone was in the right spot on every single play. We haven’t had a two-minute like that at camp, especially after a sloppy start.

On his reaction to head coach Chan Gailey commenting to a small group (approximately four) of fans:

It’s nice. Obviously, I’m going to get some criticism. Hopefully there’s more people praising me, but that’s nice that you have a coach that will fight for you. We have fans that want to win. I want to win and they’re more than willing to say what they need to say. I’m a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and they’re not playing very good baseball right now and I could probably go off on a couple of their players. I probably wouldn’t say [anything] to their face, but If I did I would expect Joe Torre to come after me and say something to me. It’s nice that I have a head coach that will do that, but they’re more than willing to say whatever they want.

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