Bills Quotes - Monday Evening 8/15

August 15, 2011 Updated Aug 15, 2011 at 10:31 PM EDT

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Bills Quotes - Monday Evening 8/15

August 15, 2011 Updated Aug 15, 2011 at 10:31 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY (Bills Release) - Below are quotes from Bills General Manager Buddy Nix, Head Coach Chan Gailey, and Defensive End Marcell Dareus following Monday night's practice at traing camp:

General Manager Buddy Nix

PM Practice – August 15, 2011

On the release of LB Aaron Maybin:

It’s all about us as a team and trying to get better. I’ll say this every time, but it’s also about him. We could have used him and gone on through the preseason and that kind of thing, and he would have had very little chance of being picked up. This gives him a chance to maybe get on another team, fit in better and things work out good for him.

On if size and strength was an issue:

I saw where somebody said he didn’t fit the scheme. I don’t know what scheme he fits at that size, unless you’re a strong safety. He says his metabolism and maybe that’s what it is. He couldn’t hold weight. He was 250 at the combine when we saw him and then he was 228 this fall. He goes up and down some but not very high.

On how difficult it is giving up a first-round pick:

You make way more out of those picks than we do and than I do. I know the money is a big deal. I don’t think that will be as big now and as much pressure will be on the player. I think what happens when you miss on a pick that high, a first or second or even third round, it sets you back because you keep trying to fill that void. That’s the reason we took a little longer. We needed him and wanted him to come through and wanted to make sure we gave him every opportunity. He did everything he could do. He practiced hard, he hustled and he did everything we asked of him. It just didn’t work out.

On letting young guys get a chance at a roster spot:

And that’s what happens. We said that and I’ve said that from day one. A guy that has a chance to develop and be what you’re looking for that doesn’t get enough reps to do it, and that’s what happened.

Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Practice – August 15, 2011

On the release of LB Aaron Maybin:

We don’t go by just games because you can create a hero and you can create a goat in a hurry in a game. It’s everything that is involved the whole time a guy is here. It’s his body of work.

On what he saw in the game film:

Overall I thought that the ones on offense and defense did okay. We have something we can build on with them. The rest of them were not very good at all and we have a lot of work to do to try and find which of those guys are going to come up and help this football team become a championship football team. Our special teams overall were extremely poor. If we play like that on special teams we will lose two to three games because of special teams this year.

On the chances he could move C Geoff Hangartner to LG:

We are going to look at all scenarios. We talk about it every day. We look at every scenario and we are going to do what we feel is best for our football team to get the best players on the field. That is my responsibility and everybody probably won’t agree but that is a decision we have to make about our team. I think that we are very straight forward with our players about what we expect from them and what we are looking for and the direction that we are going to go.

On how difficult it was to get work done in the rainy conditions:

To be honest with you it wasn’t bad for us. It wasn’t fun but it wasn’t bad for us. We needed the rain and we needed to work in it because you don’t know when you are going to get a game like that. You need to handle the ball and one of the good things was the ball didn’t go on the ground out there tonight. That was a positive. So it was good to get one of those and you don’t really look forward to those but you’re glad to have them.

On WR Craig Davis walking off early:

Yeah he strained something. I can’t remember exactly what it was. We have so many of those little knit picky injuries out there that I can’t exactly remember what his was but it is going to be awhile. It’s going to be a few days on him.

On rookie LB Kelvin Sheppard sitting out:

Yeah he is just recovering. He couldn’t quite go full speed and we want to make sure he is closer to full speed before we put him out there and let him cut loose.

DE Marcell Dareus

PM Practice – August 15, 2011

On how his preseason debut went:

I think it went OK. I got my feet wet and got out there with the team. Like I said before I’m still gelling with them still, getting used to everybody and to the timing. I’m just really getting used to the game all over again.

On how it felt to get his first NFL sack out of the way:

Hopefully this is the start of a new beginning. I’m ready to go out there and test my guns and get more.

On his personality staying the same on and off the field:

I’m a pretty mild-tempered guy. I really don’t let too much get to me. I don’t really dwell on whatever happened. I just really focus on what I need to do in the future. I just try to get better every day.

On carrying momentum from the game to tonight’s practice and batting a pass down during two-minute:

It’s something that we’ve really worked on. We’ve been working on covering and recovering, getting to the quarterback and getting your hands up. We tried to emphasize that in the two-minute drill today. I tried to get after that. When I saw somebody cross the front of my face, one of my teammates on defense, I recover and take their place so I got open. It worked in my favor today.

On him moving around, position wise:

Yes, that’s the plan. That’s what we are trying to get to now. We want to get to the point where we know everything fluently. From the left to right side and standing up so we can confuse the offense a little bit. We’re just trying to put a little mixture into it.

On practicing in the rain:

I don’t mind it at all. It plays into our favor. The ball takes funny bounces and it bounces our way a lot on defense especially when it’s raining outside. It’s hard for them to catch the ball well and for the quarterback to control the ball so it kind of falls in our favor sometimes.

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