Bills Quotes - 8/23/10

August 23, 2010 Updated Aug 23, 2010 at 9:59 PM EDT

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Bills Quotes - 8/23/10

August 23, 2010 Updated Aug 23, 2010 at 9:59 PM EDT


The Buffalo Bills today announced that TE Michael Matthews has been Waived/Injured.

Below are comments from Chan Gailey and J.P. Foschi following Monday's practice:

Head Coach Chan Gailey
Practice – August 23, 2010

On TE Michael Matthews’ status:

We had to waive Michael Matthews today. It’s a tough situation for him, with the injury, but we had to have the roster spot, and that’s one of the things you have to do in this business. Unfortunately, this is a business.

On whether it was going to take too long for Matthews to be ready to play:

Yeah, that’s what it was. It was too extensive to feel like we could afford to hold onto it for too long.

On whether he’s familiar with new Bills TE J.P. Foschi:

Yeah, I’ve had J.P. for a few stops. So he knows our system which is great. He’s a competitor and a tough guy, and we can always use those kind of guys.

On whether he was surprised Foschi was still available given his performance last year:

Yeah, somewhat. I think there have been some questions about his health, but I think he’s fully healed and ready to go now.

On whether two healthy TEs are enough:

No, we got to keep looking. Probably Nick Hennessey is going to get some time in there as tight end before it’s over with.

On C Geoff Hangartner sitting out practice:

Yeah, it was just a rest day for Geoff.

On RG Eric Wood stepping in at center for some reps:

When you get to the season, you don’t get to carry that many offensive linemen on game day so you have to cross-train quite a few people. That’s one of the things we’re looking at, is cross-training Eric inside if something were to happen and we had to make a move during a game.

On if he likes Wood playing center:

We liked him there in college but it’s the first time we’ve had a look at him in practice.

On LB Arthur Moats adapting to a new defensive scheme:

It’s been hard on Arthur. A guy with his hand on the ground, rushing the passer and transitioning to linebacker is not an easy task. But he’s intelligent, he works hard at it. He wants to- if wants to could get it, he’d get it, he would’ve had it- but it takes experience to line up there and have people coming at you from all different directions instead of just the offensive tackle lining up against you. He’s got a lot of experience to gain in a short period of time but he’s done a good job.

On the wildcat formation:

Wildcat is an interesting proposition. I don’t know how long that thing will last if you don’t throw out of it. You have to be able to throw out of that formation to make it last because pretty soon, they’re going to put everybody up there on defense. Defensive coaches are catching up slowly but surely. They’ll get there, they’re a smart group. You have to be able to have some diversity out of it in order to make something like that work.

On RB Fred Jackson throwing for a touchdown pass last season:

I heard he threw a touchdown pass. I actually saw it on film and he’s made sure I know that he’s thrown a touchdown pass. If we get to that somewhere down the line, then we’ll see how all that pans out.

On if he’ll consider using the wildcat formation this season:

Oh yeah. We consider everything. We’re not so polished in one area that we can stay in that and beat people. We’re going to have to consider everything.

On if RB CJ Spiller’s ability enhances his role in that type of formation:

I think that if you look at something like that, you’re trying to create some kind of diversion for the defense so that they don’t know where the ball is going all the time. So if you can do that, you’ve got a chance to create more open spaces for the guy that does have the ball. And hopefully they don’t know who has it all the time.

On if QB Brian Brohm’s play has helped move him ahead in the QB competition:

He played well. I can’t see a lot of movement in stock one way or the other because they’ve all done a pretty good job. That’s a good thing. Nobody’s moved down. Everybody’s played well when they’ve had the opportunity so that’s been a positive.

On if he has a set QB rotation in mind for the Cincinnati game:

We’ve got it set it mind, we sure do.

On if he’ll tell what the rotation will be:

No, I won’t.

On when he’ll name a starting QB:

I think if we say it’s open, we’ve got to let it play out. I wish we could do it today, it would be easier on everybody. We’re still looking at every option that’s available and every direction that we want to go. I think as long as we have that openness about it, then we’re going to make a good decision – even if it doesn’t come until the week of the first game. I don’t want it to go that way but it may be the way it is.

On it being a ‘make-or-break’ year for DE John McCargo:

I tell you what. He has done a really good job so far. He is making it more than he is breaking it right now. He’s done a good job.

Practice – August 23, 2010

On if he’s used to starting a new season on a new team:
Yeah, this is basically how my career has been. So, I just get the call and go. That’s about it.

On if there is a comfort level being coached by head coach Chan Gailey before:
Yes. This will be the third go-around with his offense, from college, then Kansas City and now here. So, I’m familiar with the terminology. The plays are coming back to memory. I feel comfortable.

On how long it should take him to become fully familiarized with the offense:
I think I can probably learn this play book in seven to 10 days. That’s it.

On being late to practice and making an introduction to the team:
Well, apparently the contract was running late. Somebody stopped for lunch and I was a little late for practice. (laughter)

On if he’s worked with tight ends coach Bob Bicknell before:
Yeah, I know coach Bicknell from Kansas City. I ran over to say hello to Coach Gailey real quick, and that was it. I went to work.

On if it gets old coming in three weeks in to camp and having to start over:
I’m just happy to be somewhere right now. To be honest with you, this never gets old.

On stepping in a being a part of the offense right away vs. Cincinnati on Saturday:
I’m going to just hydrate real well and eat my carbs, or eat something good.

On what he brings to the table:
I’d say that I’m your typical blue-collar tight end. That’s it.

On his season in Cincinnati last year:
I think it was a testament to the Bengals having confidence in me and giving me the opportunity to play. I just took advantage of that. I love to play. I like to be out there as much as I can. The more tired I am, I feel the better I play. So, we’ll see this Saturday.

On if the Bengals gave him a reason on why they didn’t bring him back:
No, I really didn’t have much communication with them at all. That’s about all I can say about that.

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