Bills Post-game Quotes following loss to Jets

November 6, 2011 Updated Nov 6, 2011 at 7:45 PM EDT

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Bills Post-game Quotes following loss to Jets

November 6, 2011 Updated Nov 6, 2011 at 7:45 PM EDT

BUFFALO BILLS Head Coach Chan Gailey

They played well. We played poorly. It’s my responsibility to get our team ready to play each week and I didn’t get these guys ready to play well enough to play this ball game. It’s a big ball game. I hadn’t had this happen at home this year and we’ve got to get better. That’s the bottom line. We weren’t physical enough in the ball game. We’ve got to be more physical. If I had to say there was one thing, that’s what I would say.

On the low offensive production:
Again I go back to myself on that. I needed to be cleaner on the things that I had designed for the offense, needed to run the ball better early. I probably didn’t stick with that enough. And we just sometimes in third down we couldn’t make third downs and that’s where we’ve got to get better if we expect to be a consistent football team. We’ve done that fairly well the last game. We had a little bit of lull, did it good early and that’s where we’ve got to get back. We’ve got to keep our defense on the sideline and make things happen offensively.

On if he’s disappointed that his team wasn’t the team to make a statement:
I don’t worry about statements, I worry about winning and not winning and we didn’t win today. If you win in three weeks then you would have liked to have won this one and beat them twice, but you didn’t. You didn’t win today and it’s a two game swing when you look at it. And that’s the good part about division games. It was good when we played New England, it was bad when we played the Jets, it’s a two game swing. Not only you win in your division but you give a division team a loss, that’s what they did today.

On what the defense was showing having more linebackers up front:
They were just playing their nickel stuff, that’s all they were doing. We had seen it; it wasn’t like it was something we hadn’t seen. They got in a couple alignments that we hadn’t seen but we still have to be better organized from my perspective to make sure we get hats on the right hats.

On if the Jets showed them what it’s like to play in a big game:
I don’t know if I’m ready to go there. I’ll be honest with you. I think we have the make up to be that, we were not that today. But I think we have the make up to be that. The one thing about it is you’ve got half a football season left, it starts this week and you get a chance to go do something about it. If you don’t like it, do something about it.

On what the Jets did to give the offense trouble:
If it was one thing, we could have solved that. You can always solve one thing in a game. They would bring pressure, they would play coverage. We’d throw one just outside the reach one time or we’d drop one or they would give us something we hadn’t seen or they would bring an extra guy. It was a combination. They kept us off balance and that’s what we can’t allow to happen. We can’t allow them to keep us off balance. We’ve got to keep them off balance.

On K Rian Lindell’s shoulder injury:
Yes, that’s what it was. It was his shoulder. We’re getting more information on that as we speak.

On if long field goals were out of the equation:

On if anybody else got injured:
Not that I know of right off the bat.

On the play of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and not getting comfortable:
That’s exactly right. The term used earlier was rhythm. We did not have an offensive rhythm today. We get a couple things going and then it would fizzle out. And I can’t allow that to happen.

On if it’s disappointing that RB CJ Spiller can’t be a factor:
It’s not his fault. With Fred (Jackson) playing the way he’s playing and just the situation worked out that he’s not being on the field as much as I think he will be in the future for us. But it’s not his fault.


On his thoughts on the game
Yeah, couldn’t get much going today. Especially in the first half when the defense kept us in the game and we felt coming out of half they were going to get the ball first but we still had a good shot, we were right there. We just had to get some stuff going, just couldn’t do it, fell too far behind and then they did a good job today. They kept us frustrated all day and didn’t allow us to do what we’ve been doing all year.

On the first interception
Yeah, they blitzed from the left, dropped some guys off to the right, I thought he was farther out then he was, and it was a good call by them.

On taking more shots early in the game
Yeah, they are an aggressive team. We knew what they were going to do coming in. They were going to come in and play man coverage and that’s what they did in the first half and unfortunately some of the stuff we had planned and prepared for that didn’t really pan out, we didn’t make the throw, didn’t make the play, whatever it was and I felt like we all around today was just not a good day for us.

On this game being an opportunity to make a statement
Yeah, absolutely we were really excited about this game and really to show our division we’re here and we’re a better team than we’ve been in the past and unfortunately today we didn’t show that.

On if they did anything to take away the screen play

On the defensive pressure and coverage
There was a lot of stuff. It was hard because they controlled the ball a little bit in the first half and we didn’t get on the field, and when we did it was three and out or whatever it was. We just didn’t have a lot of plays and there were plays to be made whether it was a throw here, or a route there, or a run, or whatever it was. They certainly made more of them today.

On having to now play three straight on the road
I don’t think with the guys in our locker room that that’s going to be an issue. I know everybody’s upset, not happy with the way we played today, not happy that we lost the game, but it’s one of those things where just like a win you move on from it. You throw yourself fully in to the next week’s opponent and go from there and that’s what we’ll do.

On the third down incompletion to Fred Jackson that led to a field goal
They played zone on that play, and just a route that we have run a lot coming in. I think we had five different guys out on that route, but he was the one I threw too.

On facing the Jets defensive style
It was frustrating and even the times where we haven’t had it going on early in a game we seem to find a way to get it going and today for whatever reason we couldn’t get that start, couldn’t get going. And that was the frustration I guess was not getting that spark, that big play, whatever it was out there today.


Thoughts on the game:
They came out and played better than we did, we couldn’t get off the field on third down, we had a few turnovers. We didn’t get as many as we should have and (New York) played a good game.

On moving on and correcting mistakes:
Just like any other game, forget about this one as quickly as you can, move on to the next one. We’ve got Dallas coming up next so it’s going to be a good challenge for us. I think they won today. We’ve still got a lot of football left to play; I know we didn’t play as well as we should have today. We’ve got to go watch the film and get the things that we did wrong corrected.

On creating opportunity for the offense:
Any time you lose it’s frustrating, whatever that is. We just didn’t give the offense enough chances to make plays, we didn’t get as many turnovers as we should have to give them the opportunity to go down and score.

On how long it will take them to bounce back from the loss:
We play next Sunday so I’m thinking next Sunday.


On the reason they couldn’t get it going today:
We just came out sluggish, I feel like it was more stuff we did to ourselves. Not to take anything away from New York, they had a great game plan for us. They came out and executed well and we didn’t. When you don’t play well you tend to lose football games and that’s what I think happened today.

On the fumble:
It was just how I got hit, I’ll take that one on the chin that was my fault. I let the team down and let the ball go. We can’t do that, can’t have turnovers like that.

On the screen game being shut down:
That was playing a lot of man, that’s what (the Jets) do. It’s hard to run screens when they play man like they do. Again, they had a great game plan, came out and executed it and we didn’t play well.

On their second half play:
Without a doubt, we’re always confident in our abilities in the second half, we play well in the second half. We just came out and made mistakes early, myself included. Any time you do that you put yourself in a deep hole.

On his stinger:
It was a stinger, I’m fine though. I’ll be alright and ready to go.

On the incompletion in the red zone:
That was just a great play by (Darrelle) Revis. He’s a great player, he got his hands on the ball and he was able to pull it out. Again, I’ve got to make that play. I feel like I’m capable of making that play nine out of 10 times and that was the one time I didn’t make it.

On playing another division rival and where the Bills feel like they sit:
We still feel like we control whatever happens to us. (New York) is a great team. We knew it was going to be a dog fight coming in. They came in and played well and we didn’t. We’ve just got to go back to the drawing board, we’ve got a great opportunity to go down to Dallas and get a win.

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