Bills Night Quotes, Easley/Batten on I.R.

August 22, 2010 Updated Aug 22, 2010 at 10:57 PM EDT

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Bills Night Quotes, Easley/Batten on I.R.

August 22, 2010 Updated Aug 22, 2010 at 10:57 PM EDT


The Buffalo Bills today announced that the team has placed LB Danny Batten and WR Marcus Easley on Injured Reserve.

Below are comments from the Buffalo Bills following their evening practice on 8/22/10:

WR Steve Johnson
PM Practice – August 22, 2010

On how he feels about his performance so far:

I feel good. There’s always work to be done and I feel like in my position I have a lot of work to get done playing opposite [WR] Lee [Evans]. I’m playing with the starters right now. I feel like I’m doing good and staying consistent and trying not to get in too much trouble like I did earlier.

On what trouble he got into earlier:

I kind of got chewed out a little bit for doing something wrong. I made a minor mistake, and it shouldn’t have made. But it was good I got yelled at. It’s just time to handle business. It’s just that time, no more mistakes now.

On Head Coach Chan Gailey saying he’s making progress at his position but needs to focus on the details:

I kind of get lost sometimes trying to be too creative with routes and it kind of gets me in trouble like it did today. But it’s just work that needs to be done, be crisper on everything and he wants everything to look the same. So I’m going to try to do that work on my routes and make everything still look the same. Like I said, it’s just work to be done.

On being in the refinement stage of nailing down the details:

That’s why I believe [Coach Gailey] was so mad at me because there’s not too much that’s new going in right now. So everything should look exact. When you step out of line a little bit he kind of gets on you so you can be back in line. That’s what the case was because everything’s pretty much in and we just have to lock it out now.

On whether it’s important to nail the routes down given he’ll be seeing more time in the third preseason game:

Exactly. We should see a lot of time, but it’s still preseason and there’s still work to be done like always. But when we go out there, we’ve got to show what we can do now. We’ll be playing probably three quarters, maybe. We’ve got to give the fans something and let the coach know that we can make this happen for a full game.

On practicing under the lights in training camp:

It never gets old. It’s like high school, Friday night lights. It always brings the best out of some people. That’s all it is, being under the lights. That’s what it’s about, being a football player, being under the lights with the fans around. That’s what it’s about.

C Geoff Hangartner

On how the offensive line is progressing:

I think we’ve made a lot of improvement. The first game, we didn’t have all our guys out there healthy and it was nice to get Demetrius (Bell), Eric (Wood) and Cornell (Green) back. It wasn’t a perfect game. We got Trent (Edwards) hit a couple too many times but I thought we’ve made a lot of progress and I think we’re progressing in the right direction.

On how RG Eric Wood and T Cornell Green are playing together:

They’re coming along well. They haven’t gotten a whole lot of reps next to each other. They’ve had some, but not as much as they normally would in training camp because Cornell had a little deal and Wood is obviously coming back from his leg (injury). But they’re pretty good buds off the field so they get along well. And Cornell has played a lot of football so they’re getting some time together and I think they’re going to be strong over there on the right side.

On if Green is helping Wood:

Absolutely. Eric’s a smart guy, he’s a smart football player and he got some experience last year and learned a lot. It’s not like Cornell is dragging him along or anything, but it’s nice to have a veteran guy on the outside of him.

On the strength of the run blocking among the offensive line:

I don’t know if it’s quite where we want it to be yet. We have gotten better, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we haven’t, we still have a long ways to go with that. I think Joe D’Alessandris’ philosophy is to come off the ball, hit them and if they try to move out of the way, you adjust on them.

On the pass blocking:

Very few people in the NFL just line up with four down guys and rush them on whatever they’ve got lined up. Like Indy last week, they’ll just run people all over the place and that’s something you have to sort out more than run-blocking. It takes a little bit of time for us to get the feel of playing next to each other. I don’t think it’s an ability deal, I don’t think it’s a talent deal, I think it’s a spend time next to each other (deal). It’s communication and just having reps. The more times you do something, the better you’ll get at it. I think we’re getting better at that and I think we’ll be a lot better this year.

On the amount of playing time the starters expect to see during Saturday’s game:

We’ll play at least a half this game, probably into the second half a little bit. So it was nice to have everybody at full strength. Demetrius (Bell) played probably 10-12, 15 snaps and the rest of us played a little more than 20 maybe. It was nice to get everybody out there. There’s not a question, “Are guys going to be able to play in this game?” We’re healthy for the most part and everybody’s going to be out there. It’s nice to have the projected five out there. It’s not a problem but it can be kind of a hassle when you’re switching guys in and out and you’re playing next to different guys every practice. It’s nice to get some consistency working with the same guys.

PM Practice – August 22, 2010

Opening Statement:
Before we start with questions, we have put Danny Batten and Marcus Easley on Injured Reserve. Obviously, it’s not what we wanted but it’s just something that had to be done looking at the long term prognosis for both of them.

On if they were going to miss a good portion of the season:
Right, [they were going to miss] a significant part of it. We just couldn’t see, time-wise, that it was going to benefit them to try to make it back this year.

On if the injuries were worse or better than what the doctors originally thought:
I think it was about what they thought to be honest with you. I didn’t tell you, but I knew it had a chance to not be good.

On the status of TE Michael Matthews, who was injured in tonight’s practice:
They don’t know. They’ll tell me later on after they’ve looked at him. They’re going to do some more tests tomorrow morning. I don’t know about that one, but we’ve got some adjustments to make, obviously.

On how much having injured tight ends affect the offensive scheme:
Well, it’s just like losing the two running backs. When you lose those two guys, it kind of sets you back a little bit to the direction you’d like to go and the progress you’d like to make. It’s the same thing with tight end. We’ve got one healthy tight end on the field right now. It makes it very difficult, but that’s part of it. You deal with it and go on.

On his thoughts about having WR David Nelson back at practice:
It was good to have him back on the field. He was not 100-percent. He’s fighting through it and he did OK out there. He’ll be better tomorrow hopefully.

On the progress of WR Steve Johnson throughout camp:
He’s done a good job. The guy has really got some talent. He just has to pay attention to details. If he’ll continue to do that, he’s got a chance to be a very good receiver before it’s over with. He’s a really good one-on-one player and that’s what you have to be in this league.

On his focus as training camp comes to a close:
We’re in training camp. Our focus is on getting better at the fundamentals and all of the techniques that go with that. We’re not game-planning, we’re back to basics. That’s what I told them Saturday when we got back in here. It’s back to basics until Tuesday when we break camp. After that, it starts toward game-plan and getting ready for the season.

On the secondary being one of the strengths on this team:
I think we’ve got, not only a good starting group, but very good depth in that group. I feel strong about our secondary. I think they continue to make progress as well. I thought they felt a lot more comfortable in this scheme last week and hopefully they’ll make another jump this week.

On how T Cornell Green is coming along:
Cornell’s been a real pleasure for our football team. He’s made a significant contribution, not only in his play, but with the way he goes about his business. He’s very professional, he made all of the workouts in the offseason, he’s a leader and he’s been strong for our football team. He’s fighting through an injury. He doesn’t say anything, he says, ‘Let’s go to work.’ That’s the kind of guys you want.

On if the night practices under the lights is something he’s enjoyed:
Yeah, it’s been pretty neat, especially when the weather has been as nice as it has. It’s been great. The fans have been good. It’s been an enjoyable experience. I don’t how many [fans] we’ll get in years to come, but we had quite a few this year and it was a great experience.

On how the crowd benefits practice:
Any time the lights are on and there’s people in the stands, it gets your juices flowing a little bit. I’ve never been to an event that, that doesn’t happen. That’s why closed practices are not that lively. Open practices are a lot more lively.

On the status of S Jairus Byrd:
I think everything’s going smoothly on that. He’s going to be a little while, but I think everything is going smoothly. I haven’t heard anything different.

On if he’s still laid up:

On if LB Reggie Torbor and TE Derek Schouman will require surgery:
I don’t know. I don’t think either one of them is going to have surgery.

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