Bills Afternoon Quotes - Friday 8/5

August 5, 2011 Updated Aug 5, 2011 at 9:33 PM EDT

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Bills Afternoon Quotes - Friday 8/5

August 5, 2011 Updated Aug 5, 2011 at 9:33 PM EDT

PITTSFORD, NY - (Bills Release) Below are quotes from Friday afternoon's practice at Bills Training Camp:

Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Practice – August 5, 2011

On WR David Nelson missing practice today:

He wasn’t feeling good and they sent him back because they couldn’t find out exactly what it was. They sent him back to Buffalo for tests. It looks like it has all calmed down now and he could be back probably tomorrow or at worst the next day.

On rookie DL Marcell Dareus:

They don’t tell me if a guy struggles. They tell me if a guy practices or doesn’t practice. He practiced and they didn’t tell me he didn’t so if he did, hey football you struggle. You’re not healthy a lot of the time in the game.

On rookie CB Justin Rodgers walking off early:

He had a little bit of an ankle and they took him in to make sure he was alright. It wasn’t anything bad. They think he is just fine.

On how much he enjoys the offense and defense having a back and forth battle:

If you don’t have that you get nervous. If you don’t have competition and the competitive juices don’t flow you really get nervous as a coach. If guys can’t respond or don’t respond you start to worry.

On what he thought about the offense today:

I’m going to give you the same answer every day, some good and some bad. There were some big plays but sometimes that means there was a breakdown on defense which is not good. As the coach over everything you walk off everyday feeling good about some and feeling bad about some of it. We will just have to watch the film and evaluate each player individually to see who is going to be best for our team.

On the defensive line creating pressure throughout practice:

It might have been good; I was actually watching releases and blitzes more than anything today.

On the development of LB Aaron Maybin:

Aaron (Maybin) tries hard every time he walks on the field. The key for him is being productive on the field. He has to become a consistent player against the run and a consistent pass rusher. He has work to do, he’s not there yet. So we will see how he continues to develop but he has a long way to go.

On QB Tyler Thigpen knowing he is the backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick:

When I called Tyler (Thigpen) I told him exactly the situation. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter; there is absolutely no question about that. You can compete and you can work and see how close you can get and that will be good. But Ryan is the starter.

On if he thinks the players have shaken off the rust from the lockout:

No. We just got five or six guys back yesterday so we haven’t shaken anything off yet. We are still behind.

CB Terrence McGee

PM Practice – August 5, 2011

On if he’s felt frustrated about his play:

No, not at all. I’ve had nine years of being here and I’ve never gotten many picks in camp. I’m used to it. It’s nothing new to me.

On how camp is different this year than the others in the past:

I thought it would be from a conditioning standpoint. I feel better than I thought I would. As far as the mental reps, it really definitely hurt me personally because now they’re sticking me to the nickel, so now I have to learn that. I could have learned this during the OTA’s and mini-camps. In training camp I’ve been able to minimilize the mistakes and get ready for the season. I’m just learning on the go.

On coming into camp at his current weight:

These last couple years I’ve been coming in at 210, 208. It’s nothing different. Since I’ve been here I have been going at my second and third year weight of at least 205. It’s going up a pound about every year.

On rookie CB Aaron Williams:

If he has questions I can definitely answer them, but it’s just one of those things where you have to get accustomed to playing in the league. Come out to practice and get his reps. He’s a great athlete and I see why they picked him. He definitely just needs to get adjusted to everything. I can tell him the same things that everybody is saying.

On Williams’ body type:

He’s very quick and has speed. He has everything to play the position.

TE Scott Chandler

PM Practice – August 5, 2011

On his desire to get back on the field:

Standing around for a week will get you to want to get back on the field.

On how he feels he has done since coming back:

When you make some catches they like to come back to you and hopefully (Ryan) Fitzpatrick and I can continue to build a rapport.

On if they told him he’s the starter or not:

I’m not really worried about that right now. Right now it’s about going out there and making sure you have everything down, your assignments right and make plays when you have the chance to.

On the Bills wanting him last year and ending up with him:

I don’t know how it all went down but I am really excited to be here and to be a Buffalo Bill.

On being an athletic guy for his size:

I like to think of myself as a guy who can make some plays in the passing game and get some separation.

On adding a new element to the offense as a tight end:

I’m just excited to be out here and getting a lot of playing time and having a chance to play a lot and make some plays when I have the opportunity.

On playing in Dallas:

I learned a ton from Jason Witten. He is one of the ultimate professionals in the game. He pays attention to detail and doesn’t miss a rep. I was able to learn a lot from him on the approach to the game as well as how to practice. That was something that helped me grow a lot in those two years.

DL Marcell Dareus

PM Practice – August 5, 2011

On how he felt after yesterday’s practice:

I feel ok. I tweaked my ankle a little bit. Nothing too serious at the end of the day.

On being cautious at practice:

Coach said he wanted me to take it easy because it’s still fresh from last night. They just want me to take it easy, take some reps and take it easy most of the day.

On if he was scared when the injury happened:

Yes, a little bit, because of the way that I fell. I didn’t like the way I fell, but I got right back up. I’m ok though. I wasn’t as scared as I was going down.

On earning the confidence from the veterans:

The little time I’ve been with them now, I’m pretty sure they are confident in the ability that I can do just being consistent. Being on the front line is all about being consistent. Consistency is the key. I’m young so I have to get used to the speed of the game, get used to the team, used to the plays and different calls. I’m confident in what I can do with my ability.

On how it felt to rest and not take every rep:

It’s something I have to get used to, just get better and do what I can do.

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