Bills Continue OTA's

July 9, 2010 Updated Jun 16, 2010 at 3:06 PM EDT

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Bills Continue OTA's

July 9, 2010 Updated Jun 16, 2010 at 3:06 PM EDT

ORCHARD PARK, NY (WKBW) -- The Bills continued organized team activites in Orchard Park on Wednesday.

For the second straight day, running back Marshawn Lynch was on the field with the team.

Lynch is attending OTA's this week for the first time after skipping all of the teams previous off-season workouts.

Today, Bills Head Coach Chan Gailey talked about his return to the field. His transcript follows:

On the return of RB Marshawn Lynch:

We’re glad to have as many players as we can get. The more we work together, the better football team we are. So it’s always good to have a good football player back working on the football team.

On if Lynch has some catching up to do:

Yeah, sure he does. Both on the field and off the field he has some catching up to do. But it seems like he’s a quick study. That’s what it looks like in my initial look at him. So I think he’ll be all right in that respect.

On having to share the ball with three running backs:

At this point it doesn’t matter. It only matters when we get to September. So I’m not worried about finding out how to do that today. Let’s get everybody on the same page and get all of the basics down, be fundamentally sound. Then we’ll worry about all of that other stuff.

On if the three running backs each bring something different to the field:

From what I have seen on film, yes. I haven’t been around them enough to be specific but you can tell they do have differences in the way that they do things. They all bring something a little unique which is good. The great thing is all three of them can catch the football which is really good.

On if in his experience the three running backs can be used sufficiently:

I’ve never really been in this situation where we have three like this. But I certainly am looking forward to seeing how it all pans out because I think you have a chance to give defenses some real problems with that many good running backs and football players.

On his reaction to LB Aaron Schobel’s comments to not play football this year:

It’s up to him. He’s a good football player and has been a good football player in this league and in Buffalo for many years. I’d like for him to be on the football team but I understand his situation, too. I really do. That’s part of life.

On if the team has injuries could he see calling Schobel up:

Way too many ifs in that one.

On LB Kawika Mitchell’s return to the field and his impression of Mitchell:

He’s an impressive player. He’s a quick study. Even though he wasn’t on the field early he knew what to do when he got in there. It’s been a pleasant, I don’t want to say surprise, it’s just been a pleasant occurrence.

On if the linebacker position will be competitive at training camp:

There’s going to be a lot of competitive spots at training camp. That won’t be the only one. There’s going to be a lot of good competition. And Buddy and I both believe the same thing: you can never have enough good football players. I don’t care if you stack them up at one position, you find a way to use good football players and you need them before it’s over with.

On if he is forming an idea of who will be the starting quarterback:

We form that every day and no, I can’t share that because it may change in the next five days. So I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions. I want them to work it out, not me to work it out. I want them to work it out by performance on the field.

On if he anticipates having a starting quarterback named by the first day of training camp:

No, but by the time we get to training camp we’ll have somebody that is going to work with the first group, somebody that’s going to work with the second group going in just because if it happens that way then you’ve got a leg up. If you try to get everybody equal shots from the first day of camp then you’ll probably get nobody ready rather than getting three ready. So we’ll probably make some determination from this, decide for a lack of a better term a pecking order for camp and then go from there. But it still will be open when we go to camp.

On the progress of OL Demetrius Bell and OL Eric Wood:

Our training staff, I have to give Bud Carpenter and his group kudos because they have done a great job of getting those two guys to where they are today. Eric, we’ve even talked about maybe letting him get on the field and do some things before we get out of the last minicamp. That’s an amazing recuperation. And Demetrius is way ahead of schedule as well. Like I said earlier, you can never have enough good football players on a field.

On if having two guys on the offensive line out affects the continuity:

It affects you. It doesn’t affect you as much as if they were out at training camp. But what you have now is you have a lot of guys getting reps that may not have gotten reps before. So you’re able to do a much better job of evaluating. I can go watch Eric and Demetrius on film. Some of these guys I can’t watch on film and so we’re getting to evaluate them in as much speed as you can have in shorts. But you’re getting to evaluate them in this arena right now.

On what he likes in Demetrius Bell:

He’s an amazing athlete first of all. Run, jump and change direction all of that was very good. He went in and played as rookie. He started as a rookie. You don’t know how hard that is especially at offensive line. And quarterback and offensive line may be the hardest places to start in this league as a rookie. And he went in and did that and held his own. Now, he made some mistakes and you hope the second year he doesn’t make those mistakes. But he is really a very good athlete.

On how far in the installation of the offense he is and if he sees it coming together:

There are days I see it looking better than others. The thing about it is they’re coaching on the other side, too. Defense is coaching, too. And if you came out here and moved the ball up and down the field and completed every pass… the head coach always goes off the field sad because somebody didn’t do something good on the field that day. So I see glimpses of where we want to be and what we’re trying to get done. We’re not there yet. We won’t be there until the first game probably. But we’re getting there. They’re learning the basics, they’re learning the terminology and they’re learning the techniques. If we can get that down then we can adjust how we need to as time goes on.

On the status of OL Cornell Green:

Cornell pulled something and he’s out for a couple of days.

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