8/17 Bills PM Practice Transcripts

August 17, 2011 Updated Aug 17, 2011 at 10:38 PM EDT

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8/17 Bills PM Practice Transcripts

August 17, 2011 Updated Aug 17, 2011 at 10:38 PM EDT

Pittsford (WKBW.com) The Bills wrapped up their final night practice of training camp on Wednesday night. Below are the transcripts of interviews following the workout.

Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Practice - August 17, 2011

On the offense being a little ragged on the night:

It was. I hope that has something to do with our defense. I thought our defense was very strong. We’re putting in some different stuff this week. We have to work on it. It doesn’t look clean. We have a lot of work to do.

On a few players, including Andy Levitre, getting reps at center:

We are trying everything. As we witnessed in the Minnesota game last year, you can never have enough guys that can go play center. We are working emergency-type people in.

On Alex Carrington at linebacker:

He’s doing a very nice job of rushing outside. You are only going to show him dropping every now and then. That’s not what he does. You do it just enough to create indecision sometimes. He’s a big load on the edge. He has good speed for a man his size. He has been an interesting project during the course of camp.

On Danny Batten:

He plays 100 MPH every snap. His technique is getting better. His understanding of the game is getting better. He’s standing up, playing linebacker. He’s been a pleasant surprise thus far.

On whether he is concerned defenses will respect the Bills enough on the deep part of the field following the Lee Evans trade:

It’s not a concern.

On whether the Bills will have camp at St. John Fisher again:

That’s not my area. We’ll have it wherever they say to have it. The people here have been great. It has been a wonderful experience for us.

On the new grass field with the two fields:

(It is) not real good. (It’s) very cramped.

On Marcell Dareus’ practice:

He did a great job. He was everywhere. He is a big, strong, physical guy. He had a good night tonight. When he gets healthy, I think he can really be something.

On whether it hurts the rookies to miss time:

Shepp (Kelvin Sheppard) and (Justin) Rogers have really missed a lot of time. That’s going to be an uphill battle for them. It really is. You just can’t afford to sit out. That’s the way it is. We’re a production business and if you’re not on the field, you can’t produce.

NT Kyle Williams

PM Practice – August 17, 2011

On extension talks:

Well they are just talking; it isn’t far along so I really don’t know much other than that. I kind of let my guy do that stuff and I don’t deal with it but that being said this is where I want to be. I feel like we have a chance, moving in the right direction and we have some good players here and I want to see what I started here through. I believe that and that means a lot to me that everybody passed on me four times but the fifth time these guys didn’t get it wrong, so I want to be here. As far as all the contract stuff, it’s early, they’re just talking and we’ll see where it goes.

On where he sees the biggest difference with the defense this year:

I think we have more talent spread out. You have Merriman (Shawne), Marcell (Dareus), Nick (Barnett), you’ve got guys on the back end that can play. I feel like I can do some good things. I think we have talent spread out throughout the defense, guys who can make plays and guys who create things for one another. Hopefully I can create things for Marcell (Dareus) and he can continue to get better and make some things (happen) for me, me for Merriman (Shawne), all of us for Nick (Barnett). I think it will be good. All of us play off of each other, play fair and do some good things.

On the improvement of the D-Line:

I think when me and Marcell (Dareus) are inside. I think if we’re getting after it, and we are running pretty hot, we will be hard to deal with and I really believe that. I think he does some things better than I can and I do some things better than he can. We play well off of each other. I don’t know if you watch practice very much but I am always talking to him, I’m always pointing things out to him. The only thing he has to point out to me is when it is third-and-short I like to jump the count a lot so that it is his only job (to make sure) I don’t jump offsides. I think we have a chance to be good, I really do I think we can do some things up front.

CB Aaron Williams

PM Practice – August 17, 2011

On the turnovers throughout training camp:

We’ve been progressing each day. We’re starting to get more turnovers, which is key to winning a game. Our goal is at least three turnovers a practice so we’re working on that hard.

On his interception at practice that was similar to the one in the last game:

I just stick with the ball. When the ball is in the air it’s about who wants it more. In my world I want it the most.

On his interception technique:

My mindset is that if I can’t get two hands on the ball then I’m going to bat it down. Unfortunately when I try to bat it down it pops up in the air, thankfully I’m still looking at the ball where I can go up high and get it. I’m not trying to have a technique where I try and pop it up.

On whether tonight’s practice was a good day for the defense or a bad day for the offense?

I more focused on defense. No one really had a bad day. I feel like we had a good day as a team overall. We’re progressing everyday. I wouldn’t say we had a bad day.

On making progress daily:

There’s no day where I’m thinking that I had a great day and that there’s nothing I could have done to be better. Each day there’s a little something you can do to get better. The game is about six inches so you have to adjust those six inches to make those plays.

On the defense taking some big steps forward:

They really focus on the younger guys making plays as well. We see the older guys out there working hard and making plays, so they’re doing their job. It’s about the younger guys going up there as well. You never know when somebody is going to get hurt and it’s your time to step up there and play. It’s really about the younger guys coming up and doing their role.

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