All Aboard the Phantom Train

October 21, 2013 Updated Oct 21, 2013 at 3:12 PM EDT

By WKBW News

October 21, 2013 Updated Oct 21, 2013 at 3:12 PM EDT

Medina, N.Y. (WKBW ) - Mason Winfield is the author and narrator of a terrifying ghost ride.

“When you get on the phantom train, don't get off until you're home again. Over decades a lot of folklore and reported experiences have built up along this stretch of the train,” Winfield said

Winfield is an author and supernatural historian. He said witnesses have experienced this terror first hand.

“People always ask me what is the scariest story you ever heard. It's a story of little people fairies, abduction and Native legion. I call it the boy who came back,’ Winfield said.

You board the train at the Medina Railroad station.

“I want to welcome you all to the Phantom train,” Winfield said.

You are then at the Mercy of Winfield and the train tracks. There is no turning back.

“Sometimes if there has been a tragic incident they will not stay with the immediate zone. Sometimes they radiate down the length of the track from where it started to where the faithful accident happened,” Winfield said.

The ride goes from Medina to Lockport and back with scary stories a long the way. You may be living in one of the towns where the stories take place.

“Along this train we're going to meet legend. In Cold Spring, we meet a witch. In Lockport, we pass the tradition of a demon, the fortress south of Middleport, the burial ground of West Shelby,” Winfield said.

Winfield said these are more than stories. He said his words stem from real life tragedies that have taken over regions along the track. Just when you think you’re done, Winfield said there is more.

“Well cross ancient battle fields, tortuous burial grounds, ancient religious monuments,” Winfield said.

Just because you get off the train to head home, doesn't mean the spirits won’t be there waiting for you.