Public Memorial To Be Held for Ameer Al Shammari

May 9, 2014 Updated May 9, 2014 at 11:24 PM EDT

By Hannah Buehler

May 9, 2014 Updated May 9, 2014 at 11:24 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) It has almost been one week since 14-year-old Ameer Al Shammari was found dead in Buffalo’s Black Rock neighborhood.

His alleged killer, 13-year-old Jean Sanchez confessed to the crime this week. Police don’t think he acted alone.

“I know that as recently as last night, they were knocking on doors and asking teenagers to give DNA samples,” said Sanchez’ attorney Paul Dell. “It seems to be that the police think it was more than one person.”

Sanchez told police that he used a shoelace from Al Shammari’s sneaker to strangle Al Shammari. He said it was when the shoelace broke that he used a cord from his own hoodie to finish the job.

Sanchez’ attorney disagrees.

“Thirteen year old kids, alone, in an interrogation room, with officers with badges and guns...eventually I think they're going to say anything they want him to say.”

Because of the nature of the case, Sanchez is being charged as an adult. The only crime a 13-year-old in New York State can be convicted of is second-degree murder.

The case is now headed to a Grand Jury. Sanchez will be held at a juvenile detention center for 30 days until his next court date.

Tomorrow, the community is invited to a public memorial for Al Shammari, hosted by the Iraqi American Society and Buffalo Public Schools.

The memorial is at 6PM at the Delaware Park Rose Garden. Attendees are asked to wear white, a symbol of peace.