Will New York Legalize Same Sex Marriage?

June 14, 2011 Updated Jun 14, 2011 at 8:33 AM EDT

By WKBW News

June 14, 2011 Updated Jun 14, 2011 at 8:33 AM EDT

By JENNIFER EPSTEIN ( Politico.com) In a development with national implications, New York is looking more and more like it will become the next state to legalize gay marriage as a bill gains momentum in the legislature ahead of a landmark vote that could come by midweek.

“I believe that votes will be there for marriage equality if the vote happens,” Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday afternoon. “I’ve had enough conversations with enough Republicans” to think the bill can succeed.

Cuomo, who strongly backs gay marriage, is meeting Monday afternoon with elected officials, gay rights advocates and labor groups to prepare for a final push on the bill this week to address the questions of whether Republicans in the state Senate will allow a vote and whether there is enough GOP support to pass the bill. The legislative session ends next Monday.

Eyewitness News will continue to follow this story out of Albany.
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Statement in Support of Marriage Equality

By Congressman Brian Higgins

“New Yorkers are proud of our individuality, our resolve and our fighting spirit. We are at a critical moment in time when we can and must use those attributes to demonstrate what’s right. This week, we are on the verge one of the most significant achievements in our generation as Albany considers approval of legislation delivering marriage equality in New York.

"As Assembly members and Senators prepare to vote, all New Yorkers hope that they carefully consider the important choice they have to make. On a daily basis, public officials are reminded of the words of those who served before us, who guaranteed equality under the law. Each day, countless schoolchildren and we ourselves pledge ‘liberty and justice for all.’ Now, as New York considers equal rights under the law for all couples, it is the time to simply and deliberately deliver on that pledge.

“I commend Governor Cuomo and other leaders, including my own state Senator Tim Kennedy, for their leadership and support for basic equal rights. I look forward to the day when all New Yorkers can love and live free of prejudice, and fervently hope the hours and days to come will bring us closer still to that goal.”