West Seneca Prepares for Sandy

October 28, 2012 Updated Oct 28, 2012 at 11:52 PM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin

October 28, 2012 Updated Oct 28, 2012 at 11:52 PM EDT


Disaster Coordinators have already started preparing for what could be a historic flood but residents are a bit more relaxed believing that the brunt of the storm will bypass them.

"We don't want to get everybody nervous but we want to just be prepared," said John Gullo, Disaster Coordinator, Town of West Seneca.

"The creek has flooded before I've seen it flood," Tom Damico, Town of West Seneca resident.

Residents know the hazards that come along with living near Cazenovia Creek in West Seneca and even with sandy's threat of two to four inches of rain over the next couple of days they are not too concerned and there's a big reason why.

"Due to the drought we had last summer it was very low and it'll take a lot of water to flood stage," said Damico.

"I'm worried but I think it just might pass over us. We'll just wait until it happens then we'll deal with it," said Allison Kurch West Seneca.

Nonetheless, town officials are gearing up.

"We have three pallets of sandbags already prepared to deploy out to certain locations that we need," said Gullo.

Those locations most at risk are sub-divisions that may have leaves clogging storm drains.

The highway department will be on clean-up duty around the clock Monday making sure storm drains and receivers are clear.

Residents like Sarah Roth have taken some precautions she has some cash on hand in case a power outage shuts down ATM's and moved her personal items out of harm's way.

The fire department, police department and the highway department have all been placed on alert to work together over the next two days, there is also a community emergency response team to help evacuate people to shelters if necessary.