Wednesday Hassan Trial Update

January 26, 2011 Updated Jan 26, 2011 at 5:54 PM EDT

By WKBW News

January 26, 2011 Updated Jan 26, 2011 at 5:54 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) Muzzamil Hassan is continuing to act as his own attorney in court today as his murder trial continues.

Reporter Laura Gray and videographer Arnie Posner are at Erie County Court, and will deliver the latest information on Eyewitness News.

Prosecutors subpoenaed text messages between Mo Hassan and Aasiya from February 4th - 13th 2009. The following is a summary of what those text messages included:

From Jeff Strohm, Nextel, out of Overland Park Kansas, Title: Custodian of Records.

From Mo Hassan: Please clean my car, no eating while in my car.

Feb. 5: From Aasiya: I apologized for forgetting in the first place.

Feb. 10: about 11pm From Aasiya: please forgive me, 2 minutes...I'd never refuse you.

From Aasiya: It's time for both of us to let go.

From Mo Hassan: Please give me 2 minutes so I can sleep.

From Mo Hassan: I'm begging you please.

From Mo Hassan: Please 2 minutes.

Feb. 12 From Aasiya: Will work from home, schools are closed.

5:02 please unlock your car so I can pull in and put stuff in.

From Mo Hassan: I left the office

From Aasiya: Shall I drop stuff at office? I can drop it at 6:15

From Mo Hassan: OK

5:31 From Aasiya: Can you please leave my car key in office desk.

From Mo Hassan: Yes

From Aasiya: Sorry for lunch.

From Mo Hassan: Sorry for hurting you.

From Aasiya: I am sorry too.

From Mo Hassan: I can not carry on without you and family. I haven't done anything to hurt you since Sunday.

5:42 last message:
From Mo Hassan: I am a good man, a humble and decent man, made some mistakes please don't punish me so hard (bad) God likes forgiveness

At that point, Mo Hassan questioned the witness about how long messages ( text ) are saved for then. The answer was 10 days.

When asked if there was any way to retrieve others now, the answer was no.

Laura is also posting 'tweets' from court, which you can follow live at Those postings will follow below, with the most recent tweets on top:

Judge no longer on Hassans list of witnesses

Hassan says if no people come in tomorrow he will testify.

Jury dismissed as Hassan says legal matters. Says his notes can help people testifying in cross.

Motion denied for Hassan to address the jury for some statement.

Judge said no do-over on opening statement. You can tell jury your statement if you testify. Hassan keeps arguing that he should.

Hassan not ready to call witnesses. Does want to deliver a statement to jury.

Forensics says Hassan had her blood on his hands. Prosecutor rests direct testimony. Jury leaves.

Second forensic expert testifying about red stained knife.

No cross on dna collection. Now forensic expert Sarah Murrin on stand.

Forensics expert Kristen Becker is on the stand.

Hassan mostly met with objections again this morning.

Judge to Hassan - you don't need to make editorial comments.

Hassan is asking his usual questions about domestic violence to this Lt. Judge says you are taking the lt down the wrong road.

Noticed during this cross exam that the usually stoic jury is now sometimes suppressing giggles.

Hassan asks Lt- did you find an email with Assiya's death threat to me? Lt- no.

Wants to show pics of 3 women to see if Lt. remembers if Hassan had an affair with any of them. Lt says no. Prosecutor objects.

Jury in. Lt Werhfritz cross examined by Hassan.

Hassan says I have only been doing this 2 days. Give me feedback and I will improve. Judge: ill give you rulings.

Prosecutor wants Hassan to stop with the here say statements disguised as questions.

Schwartz asks to approach bench before Hassan comes into court.

Lots of spectators filling in the seats to watch Hassan