November 4, 2010 Updated Nov 4, 2010 at 6:37 PM EDT


November 4, 2010 Updated Nov 4, 2010 at 6:37 PM EDT

Western New York is bracing for a blast of frigid air. Temperatures are predicted to drop into the low 30's and forecasters say many people could see snow.

Highway crews spent the day installing plows and checking salt spreaders. The season's first snow could make driving treacherous. In the City of Buffalo, 24 vehicles are ready to plow and spread salt. It is not the city's entire fleet because many trucks are still being used to pick up leaves and take part in construction projects. "We have enough to get us through", says Steve Stepniak Commissioner of Buffalo Public Works, Parks & Streets.

This year, the City of Buffalo is using a new type of salt. It is more pure and comes from a different supplier. Stepniak says the highway department is curious to see if it works better.

If any snow does accumulate, it will probably happen in southern Erie county and in the higher elevations. County highway crews spent the day preparing plows and salters. Workers tell Eyewitness News that salt and sand supplies are ready to be loaded into plows if conditions deteriorate over the next few days.

The first flakes of the season usually send a flurry of customers scrambling to buy salt, scrapers and shovels. At Dibble True Value Hardware Store in Hamburg, owner Don Levakoff says they are ready for the crowds. He is expecting to sell hundreds of shovels this winter. And snow blower sales have been brisk already. According to Levakoff, customers starting scooping up snow blowers in September.

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