Unofficial Thompson/Grisanti Vote Tally

November 3, 2010 Updated Nov 3, 2010 at 6:52 PM EDT

By Laura Gray

November 3, 2010 Updated Nov 3, 2010 at 6:52 PM EDT

Buffalo, NY (WKBW) -- At 100 percent reporting, the race is too close to call. The unofficial numbers keep changing, but as of Wednesday evening, Mark Grisanti has 31,074 votes. Antoine Thompson has 30,606 votes. There are about three thousand absentee ballots and an unknown quantity of affidavit ballots still need to be counted. The outcome is being very closely watched because the winner of this seat will impact the direction of New York State.
Antoine Thompson should have been a shoe in, but the Democratic Senator was named by the Inspector General in a pay for play scheme weeks ago. Thompson denied involvement.
Now, Republican Mark Grisanti could take his seat in what would be the biggest political upset in Western New York history. "That seat has 80,00 more Democrats than Republicans . That should never happen." says political analyst Bob Davis.
This seat could determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the state senate. Democrats have a 32 to 30 majority in state senate. They would like to hold on to that and control the assembly and governor's office, Davis tells us.
Grisanti, a registered Democrat who ran as a Republican, says he believes in bi-partisan politics. Regardless of how he votes if elected, Bob Davis says control of this seat could have an affect on the future of New York state politics. "That's very important because next year is a reapportionment year. The leg draws lines for next 10 years for the assembly, senate, and U.S. House of representatives in NY. If the democrats control all three branches, republicans will be on verge of extinction." according to Davis.
The earliest unofficial tally could come out November 8th when the absentee ballots are due but overseas and military ballots are accepted until November 23rd. "In a close election even a couple of votes matter. This one won't be decide for a few weeks I'm sure." Grisanti is choosing a lawyer to make sure every vote is counted. We have not heard back from Antione Thompson today.