Two Students Hospitalized; 5 Arrested After Off-Campus Brawl

October 25, 2010 Updated Oct 25, 2010 at 10:01 PM EDT

By Laura Gray

October 25, 2010 Updated Oct 25, 2010 at 10:01 PM EDT

Buffalo, NY (WKBW) -- Several meetings planned to combat violence off-campus after a major fight breaks out in Buffalo's University District. The victims were UB students in their 20s who were allegedly beat with brass knuckles and robbed. This Halloween weekend is expected to be a big party weekend, and there are several new tactics to prevent parties from becoming dangerous.
Buffalo Police tell us dozens of people started brawling at 211 Lisbon Avenue in the University Heights District Friday night. Two people were treated and released from the hospital. Three others were treated at the scene. Word of the fight spread fast around the campus, according to Yafo Mardakhayeva. "I thought it was pretty sad because some of the kids got beat up pretty bad."
Brennen Bryant and De Andre Smith, both 18, along with 16 year old Edmund Allen were charged with robbery, gang assault, and possession of a weapon. Two juveniles are also facing charges.
Police say the suspects used brass knuckles and other weapons to rob the students of their wallets and cash.A UB spokesperson says none of the suspects are students.
Community activist Fred Brace says that many college students advertise parties on facebook. "Somebody doesn't allow someone in, and they say we'll be back. And they do come back. This time they came back prepared to do damage."
University at Buffalo issued this statement:
The university is in contact with the students and their families and is helping them in any way possible. The safety and well being of our students is a priority for the university, and we are assisting Buffalo Police in its investigation of these crimes.
Brace believes that UB officials do what they can to keep kids safe off-campus. He says some students are unfamiliar with an urban environment, and a lack of common sense mixed with alcohol can be dangerous.
This halloween weekend, UB police and Buffalo Police have planned in advance for joint patrolling in the heights as part of an agreement that started last fall.
There is a neighborhood meeting scheduled for Thursday. That's being held by the Heath Street block club. Also, Common Council member Bonnie Russell is expected to propose a resolution that would allow UB Police or NFTA police to respond to off campus parties, taking the burden off of Buffalo Police.