Tuesday Hassan Trial Update

February 1, 2011 Updated Oct 21, 2013 at 1:52 AM EDT

By WKBW News

February 1, 2011 Updated Oct 21, 2013 at 1:52 AM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) Channel 7's Laura Gray and videographer Arnie Posner are at Erie County Court Tuesday where Muzzamil Hassan continues to testify in his murder trial.

Laura is posting "tweets" to wkbw.com/twitter. You can follow them LIVE there, and read them here. Watch for coverage on Channel 7's Eyewitness News.

The messages are posted with the most recent at the top:

Allowed to call Sonia & Michael on stand with stern warnings.

Hassan suddenly breaks down crying that he just wanted to win back his kids.

Hassan claims Aasiya demanded he ended another friendship, reached in pocket and... you've seen what has happened.

Hassan wasn't struggling with Aasiya but an evil dragon.

Hssan says God sent extra courage for him to kill aasiya and save his children and himself

Hssan felt a sense of relief, like just escaped from terrorist camp after killing Aasiya

Hassan bought knives to cut wood for fires w a friend and as protection from Aasiya.

Hassan says worried kids could become like aasiya day he killed her.

After knife incident, Hassan feels everything is collapsing.

Says Aasiya has knife in shaking hand at Hassan throat, telling him to end contact w female friends.

Hassan said arou d lunch aasiya grilled him about contact w other women.

Hassan noted Aasiya was nice to him day of murder.

3 days before Aasiya's death, Hassan texts friend that her attitude builds hate for her in his heart.

Judge says its my understanding you will be done by 5. Hassan - it should be much sooner.

Hassan reading texts snet to his friend days b4 wife killed where he says aasiya is controlling.

Hassan claims left on good terms wed evening. Aasiya considering withdrawing papers, protection order
Day before she died Aasiya wanted money for Pakistan trips in exchange for withdrawing divorce and protection order, Hassan says.

Day he was served divorce papers he cancelled younger kids passports.

#hassan wanted a family court stenographer to testify. Judge says not today.

#hassan comparing aasiya to various national dictators, says she's not like ghandi or martin luther king.

#hassan told dr what I hate is constant terrorism where gun put to my head, like police or cps report

Feb 9th aasiya would withdraw divorce if #hassan stopped talking to her family and stopped trying to fix her.

When served divorce papers Hassan smiled, shook head like "oh here she goes again", playing her little games.

Judge- why are we back in time instead of forward. Hassan

In touch with 2 women daily who #hassan calls his support system.

We are back in 2008 Hassan

Hassan says dv classes showed movies where women killed abusers or like tina turner, "kidnapped the kids"

Hassan says more despondant over humiliation of attending domestic violence class for 6 months.

One minute into testimony and an objection for backdoor hearsay

Prosecutor does not want to cross examine Hassan today.

Back in long line of media, law students, and spectators to cover Hassan.

To prove a point, says Aasiya left him in May to get treatment after he punched her in face.

Hassan showing more family photos from may 2008.

Says Aasiya shoved him into bunk bed and he lost it and punched her, giving her a bloody nose.

Hassan - Can I say whenever I say da,da,da.. its machine gun fire (verbally from aasiya)? No.

Hassan was humiliated by protection order.would have been horrifically embarrassing if others were at JFK to see him get flagged/

Openness is a chart to help her move from shame and arrogance to acceptance and humility. Hassan

Hassan submits numerous charts, graphs that he created to help Aasiya articulate her feelings.

Jury in. Court begins now. Hassan back on stand.

Still waiting to go inside court. Judge, lawyers, Hassan meeting without jury right now. Closed doors.

People already lining up to watch Hassan trial. Starts @ 10am.