Tuesday Hassan Trial Update

January 25, 2011 Updated Jan 25, 2011 at 4:17 PM EDT

By WKBW News

January 25, 2011 Updated Jan 25, 2011 at 4:17 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) On Monday, Muzzamil Hassan negotiated to be able to act as his own legal counsel, while attorney Jeffery Schwartz acts as a silent advisor. Will Hassan question witnesses, and what is next for both sides as this murder trial continues?

Channel 7's Laura Gray and videographer Arnie Posner are at Erie County Court. Watch for reports on "Eyewitness News" and LIVE updates from court at twitter.com/wkbw.

Laura's postings will follow here online:

Hassan says detective conduced meticulous investigation. When asked if that's a question, he says, I just wanted to compliment him.

That makes 3 objections to Hassan's line of questioning about domestic violence.

Already an objection --Hassan

Cross examination begins-- Hassan

Video show person raising a shiny object, then Mrs. Hassans head on the ground, then person walking away. Grainy and dark, even enhanced.

Jury watching sequence of moments showing Hassan and Aasiya before during and after her death.

Hassan then reaches outside and touches the handle of door Aasiya will soon walk through.

Video shows cell phone on and Hassan walking back and forth to window.

Jury seeing police enhanced video of same survellience video shown earlier.

Detective testifies that he found a paper with domestic violence contact name & number in Aasiyas van.

Detective Mcmasters answers in line with others that Hassans demeanor was calm and relaxed at police station after murder.

Det. Patrick mcmaster on stand from OP Police

Jury just shown bloody coat mrs Hassan wore during murder.

Contents of Mrs Hassans pockets include cash, keys, cell phone, etc. No knife.

Video shows that she was beheaded in the dark less than a minute after she walked through the door

Light is off as aasiya arrives. Hassan

Video shows Hassan in dark looking at parking lot. Can see light on his cell phone.

Det Payne brought back to the stand. Video of murder will now being played.

Jury invited back in after that lengthy lists of requests by Hassan heard by judge.

Hassan claims dr report that clearly shows he abused aasiya actually claims the opposite. Prosecutor says enough.

Also wants to call a Bflo News reporter. Hassan says media coverage has affected the case. Judge denies request for reporter to testify.

Hassan says he may want to call Judge Franczyk as a witness.

Hassan has 5 items to request before testimony starts.