Students in Fredonia on National TV

February 15, 2011 Updated Feb 16, 2011 at 12:17 PM EDT

By Jennifer Stanonis

February 15, 2011 Updated Feb 16, 2011 at 12:17 PM EDT

FREDONIA, NY (WKBW) -- You may've heard of the ABC News Show "What Would You Do" which has actors play out a controversial scenario in public and uses hidden cameras to see who steps in to help. John Quinones is the host of the show and took cameras to Fredonia.
A 5th grade class at Fredonia Middle School got to meet Quinones and be part of a behind the scenes special edition which also uses scenarios submitted by the public in a contest. "The whole show will be a special about what it takes to put a show together, you'll see what we do behind the scenes, how we get our ideas," Quinones said.

It's a contest these 5th graders couldn't qualify for since they are under the age of 21, but their teacher sent in their ideas anyway. "It was within a week that ABC called here and said that they would not only like to talk to the kids, they would like to come up here and interview the kids, and we were all floored," 5th grade teacher Cathy Casini-Steger said.

"We of course felt we should come here," Quinones said. "Meet the kids... wonderful ideas and some of them were pretty interesting."

So what were some of the kids' ideas? "A person hunting out of season," one student said.

"Person trying to commit suicide because they lost the will to live," another 5th grader said.

The students will get to see themselves on that special edition of "What Would You Do" on Tuesday, February 22nd at 10pm on Channel 7.