Update: National Weather Service Heads To Area Where Storms Claim One Life, Damage Homes

July 27, 2012 Updated Jul 27, 2012 at 8:39 AM EDT

By Kendra Eaglin

July 27, 2012 Updated Jul 27, 2012 at 8:39 AM EDT

Update to Story -
-National Weather Service from State College is heading to the scene to determine whether or not a Tornado touched down.
-Richard Grum (NWS) plans to be on the scene @ 11 Am

Lewis Run, PA

Daniel Deitz was sitting on his porch in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania, about six miles south of Bradford when he saw something strange coming over a nearby mountain that sent him scrambling to safety.

"I seen it coming up and like I said, we got a big gust of wind and I just took off. I didn't even shut my door or nothing, I just went down to my basement. Got in my basement, I stayed there until my house rattled, I heard the trees snapping and everything and just stayed right there and hoped for the best," said Deitz.

In Lewis Run, Pennsylvania the damage was most extensive. A tree with a base of about seven to eight feet in diameter was uprooted from the ground and a shed was picked up off of its foundation and hurled to the side.

The National Weather Service has not surveyed the damage yet but from what residents are saying this storm seemed to have all the characteristics of a tornado.

"The sky was like a bluish, gray, green color and the clouds were really weird shaped," said Katelyn Blake, a Lewis Run resident.

"Oh yeah, powerful, just ripping things up like crazy," said Stev Martin who lives in Lewis Run.

The siding and roof of Martin's shed was torn apart by the storm.

And a boat, lodged between the roots of a tree and debris, was hardly recognizable.

The resident of another home says a trampoline was damaged in his backyard only it's neighbors trampoline that was thrown dozens of yards by the wind.

Backyard after backyard was littered with trees snatched up from the ground.

One of those trees landed a home where Tracy Blake's grandmother lives, thankfully she wasn't inside because she's temporarily in a nursing home.

"She's going to be devastated to come home and see this," said Blake.

Lewis Run is home to less than 300 households and they are all pitching in on the clean up and thankful it wasn't worse.

"I lived here 57 years as a child I lived here saw many a storm and always dodged a bullet but this one got me but no one is hurt everything is fine," said Martin.

We contacted the National Weather Service located in State College, Pennsylvania and they are expecting to send a crew to the area to survey the damage to determine if the area was hit by a tornado Friday.