State of Promotion for Wallenda's Walk

June 4, 2012 Updated Jun 6, 2012 at 4:38 PM EDT

By WKBW Admin

June 4, 2012 Updated Jun 6, 2012 at 4:38 PM EDT

NIAGARA FALLS (WKBW) Nik Wallenda's walk is only 11 days away from Monday night. But looking around downtown Niagara Falls, there are very few signs, banners, or any trace that the walk is happening next week.

"Well they should have a little more advertisement," Marjorie Good said.

"I thought there would be more stuff to let people know," David Green added.

Many people we spoke to didn't even know the event was happening.

"For the tourists that come in from out of town, they really don't know much about it," Todd Warren said.

"I was talking to a couple of your locals, and they don't seem to know," Jim Grant of Kichener, Ontario added.

But Melissa Morinello of the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation says marketing materials are on their way.

"It is a timing issue. As you know with everything, it takes time to get creative done, banners ordered, and we're trying as best we can to get those up," she said.

Morinello says banners will be hung on street poles, posters distributed to businesses, and a full fledged promotion campaign will take over Niagara Falls starting Tuesday.

"We're really working together to make sure there are some great events going on and that visitors have something to do not just the evening of the walk but all day while they're in town," she added.

But despite the current state of promotion, many believe Wallenda's walk will do nothing but good for the region of Niagara Falls.

"It will put it in the spotlight. A lot of people are going to come to it I know," Marjorie Good said.

"I hope he does well and it's successful and it brings some commerce to the area," Todd Warren said.

"Well he's going to walk the falls! When was the last time that happened?! Eons ago!" Jim Grant added.

At a meeting of Niagara Falls officials Monday, several policies were decided upon for the walk. A release from the Niagara Tourism and
Convention Corporation stated:

Those with vouchers to watch the walk will need photo ID to retrieve a wristband at several locations before the walk.

Terrapin Point will be closed to the public at 5pm on Friday, June 15th.

Niagara Falls Coach Lines will run buses from Buffalo Avenue to John Daly Blvd. From 4pm-1am on the 15th. The cost is $5 per person, parking is also $5.