Sloan Residents Prepare to Vote on Dissolution

August 10, 2010 Updated Aug 10, 2010 at 11:34 PM EDT

By WKBW News

August 10, 2010 Updated Aug 10, 2010 at 11:34 PM EDT

SLOAN, NY - Residents in two Erie County villages will be deciding if dissolving government is the efficient way to move into the future.
Several residents of Sloan attended an informational meeting Tuesday night to hear the plan proposed by community activist Kevin Gaughan. Many residents are concerned that dissolving into Cheektowaga will hurt the services they are used to as a village.

"There's still a lot of speculation going on around the town about what's going to happen if we dissolve we're not going to have fire service anymore, our parks are not going to be open anymore," said Nicki Piechowiak, a village resident.

Gaughan says he has done numerous amounts of research included looked over the other 20 dissolution's in New York State over the past 30 years. He the quality of life in those villages hasn't diminished they've strengthened.

"I've looked at each one of those communities and the same result has been made, lower taxes, stronger community, equal identity and most important a more successful village," Gaughan said.

Village resident Robert Gait is on board with Gaughan's plan.

"Why should we pay a village tax and a town tax it doesn't make any sense," said Gait, "because we're gonna get the same privileges from Cheektoaga that we're getting from the Sloan officials."

One thing many at the meeting were on board with is paying less taxes.

"I sure certainly believe that we will save some money," Gait said.
"It might not be a tremendous amount of money but whatever we can save is worth saving."

"If it were to save me money it would make a big difference, yes," Piechowiak said, "because Sloan has the highest taxes in Erie County so yes it makes a difference."

Residents in both the Village of Williamsville and Sloan will head to the polls Tuesday night. If passed, governments have 180 days or six months to pass a plan to dissolve village government.