Seven Dozen Roses Contest Winner

February 14, 2013 Updated Feb 14, 2013 at 11:03 AM EDT

By Ginger Geoffery

February 14, 2013 Updated Feb 14, 2013 at 11:03 AM EDT

DERBY, NY (WKBW) Robin Bobowicz of Derby is a woman who can light up a room. Her husband John has known that ever since they met as teenagers more than 32 years ago, but he'd like everyone else to know how special Robin is, and how she saw him through a nightmare of a year that began last Valentine's Day.

"We were supposed to go overnight to a local hotel," explains John, "And a couple of days before we were ready to leave I got sick and went to the hospital."

John had been having serious memory lapses. Doctors determined he has an incurable brain cancer, and they told Robin that most people only live for one year with this type of cancer.

"Initially he didn't know. I didn't tell him the diagnosis because I wanted him to get through the surgery without having that on his mind," says Robin.

She put her energy into researching treatments for John. She took him to see experts around the country. Those trips included several weeks spent at Cedars Sinai in California where a vaccine for his specific type of cancer is improving his prognosis. John says he has so many people to thank, beginning with Robin, and he figured nominating her for Channel 7's seven dozens roses contest was a good start. Robin though is always thinking of others and says she won't keep all the roses.

"I am going to keep one (dozen)," explains Robin, "The rest I'm going to give to the some of the wonderful neighbors who've been shoveling our driveway, making dinner for us, sending cards every week, and we just want to thank everyone."