Security camera helps catch arson suspect

August 6, 2014 Updated Aug 6, 2014 at 9:07 PM EDT

By Jim Herr

August 6, 2014 Updated Aug 6, 2014 at 9:07 PM EDT

North Tonawanda, NY - A security camera captured video showing accused arsonist Christopher Syracuse moments before he allegedly started a garbage tote on fire behind a Zimmerman road business plaza. The police released the video midday Tuesday and caught up with Syracuse later in the day.

"I think it was the nail in the box. Without it we would still be looking for the guy. All the news stations showed the video, we got numerous calls on it, and two of them just happen to be about Christopher Syracuse," said North Tonawanda Police Chief William Hall.

This was not the first time that specific surveillance system helped police in North Tonawanda. Back in 2012, a business dispute escalated when the former owner of Pizza Junction took vengeance out on Vito's Pizzeria for allegedly copying a recipe.

"There were some words exchanged and he ended up, I believe driving his Jeep up on the sidewalk and hitting a sign outside of the business," added Hall.

Short of an actual witness seeing the crime happened, it would've been very difficult for police to get their man. A situation which mirrored Tuesday morning.

"There are some places that have good video and there are some places that have bad video. In this particular case it was good video and it helped us identify a person we were looking for, we brought them in, interviewed him, and got a confession from him," said Hall.